Saturday, June 20, 2015

Carly Fiorina supports civil and traditional marriage

I'm not sure she can win, but I certainly like Carly Fiorina's political views.  Here is her answer to a question by Katie Couric what her views were on gay marriage.

COURIC:  Let's talk about gay marriage.  What do you hope the supreme court decides?

FIORINA:  Government should not bestow benefits unequally. I’ve always been a supporter of civil unions. I provided benefits to same-sex couples when I was a CEO at Hewlett-Packard, and I also believe as so many do, that marriage has a spiritual foundation. Because only men and women can create life. I hope that we will come to the point in our country where we can accept those two view and tolerate each other.  That the government shouldn’t bestow benefits in a discriminatory fashion, and that people who believe marriage has a religious foundation, those beliefs should be respected. I hope we can come to that point.

COURIC:  But as you well know gay people think they have a right to actually be joined in marriage just like heterosexual couples

FIORINA:  And they are being in civil unions.  That's what's been going on.  And government bestows in those states where civil unions are legal benefits are being bestowed to those gay couples and I support that.  And the supreme court is now going to decide if that becomes the law of the land. 

COURIC:  So you support civil unions but not gay marriage?

FIORINA:  I believe we need to respect those who believe that the word marriage has a spiritual foundation. And I think there are people who believe that, and I'm one of them.  Why can't we respect and tolerate that while at the same time saying government cannot bestow benefits unequally.  

COURIC:  But I guess that, because many gay couples think that is tantamount to discrimination

FIORINA:  Well, but it isn't.  

I would have answered that last question this way:  "Isn't it discriminatory against religious people to force them to change the traditions they believe in? No one seems to ask that question.  

Overall, I really like her response here.  I think we can keep both sides of this debate happy by creating civil unions and not messing with traditional marriage.  I truly think that would work.

Watch the full interview

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