Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Days of Depression

I had a friend confide to me that she feels depressed sometimes. Of course, and then she pulls herself out of it. And then there's that feeling of euphoria that follows. Then you appreciate what you have all the more.

I thought it was neat she shared this. And I shared that I experience the same sometimes. I think it's normal. And it sucks when you can't think of anything good. But it's always a neat feeling when you pull yourself out of it. It's neat those moments when you truly appreciate what you have.

And while it sucks, it can be good too. I mean, I think that depression, when it just occurs sometimes, is Gods way of saying, "Something you're doing is wrong. You need to back up. You need to stop. "

I mean, I think that's why you have hangovers after drinking too much. And that's why alcohol makes you feel depressed. It's Gods way of saying, a little is good, but what you did last night was too much. Slow down!

For me, I'm most likely to have those depressed days after I take on too much responsibility. Or maybe they occur after an event that makes me very anxious or otherwise uncomfortable. Or I make a change in my life, or try to, and then realize I don't really want to do this.

I don't want to get too personal here. But, a good example I can think of is when I applied for a new job about 15 years ago. I felt excited about the prospect of getting a new job in a new city.

But, then once I was interviewed, and the shock of all the new things I'd have to learn hit me, depression hit. And the cure for the depression was to not answer the phone when they called to tell me I had the job. And to stay in the job I already have and am already comfortable with.

I think it's moments like this that help you to appreciate what you have.

Some people are good with change. They can just jump from one job to another without even thinking about it. And this is great for them as it sets them up nicely for new work, new excitement, better opportunities, and more money

Not this guy. Things must go slow. Change must be slow and easy. It does hold me back some. It prevents me from taking on more responsibility. It probably prevents me from making more money. But, oh well, 'm fine with it.

Just as my friend is fine with her life. And she has a good life. And she noted she realized this the moment she pulled herself out of her days of depression.