The purpose of this site is to articulate ides. It includes sections on the history of the world, history of the United States, and about politics, religion and economics. It also includes a section on philosophy, which is basically the collection of all wisdom, including everything mentioned above.

Recorded on these pages is information I have obtained through my education, and through things I have read and experienced. It is my quest to understand the truth about our history without the filter of political correctness. This is a collection of ideas and materials to help you articulate yourself when your liberal Uncle Harry comes over for dinner.

References will be sited wherever possible. However, sometimes I get busy and forget. So, if references are left off, please note this is not my attempt to steel ideas; it is my quest to share those ideas that are great, and then I just got busy. You see, I have a life. Simply put, I love learning and sharing what I learn. I love making the complex easy. Yet I do this in my spare-spare time. Okay?

Good! This is for fun, entertainment, and, most important, educational purposes.

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