Saturday, January 27, 2018

Will republicans block cures for diseases like COPD?

Your question: With cuts to health care. Current congressional deregulation cuts to the EPA our air quality will be impacted. Plus their desire to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid along with the recent tax cuts, and more cuts to education, research funding will slowly dry up. We must pay attention and remind our Congress, they were elected to serve the people, not to legislate our lives out of existence.

To set the stage, this was a response to my post, "Why is there no cure for COPD?"

My answer. Says who? I'm assuming you're referring to Republicans. So, you actually think Republicans don't want a cure for COPD? You actually think that? You actually think they want poor air quality? I'm a Republican. I support the tax cuts and regulation cuts. And I want a cure for COPD and good air quality.

But, the difference between me and a Democrat is I think people are smart.  I believe in the power of the individual. I believe people, left to their own devices, are far more capable of solving problems than the government.

And I think the facts, and history, support my claim here.

First off, it's not the job of government to solve people's problems anyway, but that's beside the point. It's the role of government to create an economic environment in which we, as individuals, may prosper -- if we so make the effort. When we prosper, we have discretionary income. This is where charitable giving comes from. We, as Americans, are the most giving people in the world.

But, when you take our money from us via taxes. When you create so many regulations that there's no incentive to open businesses. You stifle the economy. You prevent economic growth.

Let me give you a good historical example to make my point. To assume the government has all the answers is to assume the people are too stupid to solve their own problems. You're assuming the people running government knows what the hell they are doing. And, quite frankly, I'm not always so impressed.

If you really want to raise money for investing in cures, the solution is with the people, not the government. Look at the war on poverty as a perfect example. That's been going on for over 40 years now, and there are just as many people in poverty today as when it started -- if not more. So, did the government succeed at solving poverty? How many billions of dollars have gone to anti-poverty programs? Lots. And the government failed to end poverty. So, what makes you think the government can find a cure for COPD?

When you have government solving problems, money gets tied up in loop holes. It gets tied up in the bureaucracy. You might raise a million dollars (or, rather, take it from people through higher taxes), but much of that money is wasted.

You look at any government project, and it takes twice as long and costs twice as much as when private individuals do it. This is because of all the red tape, all the bureaucrats who want a piece of the pie. Plus, it's not their money, so they aren't as careful with it.

You want something done right, you want to truly find a cure for COPD, leave it in the hands of individuals. Let them keep their money. Let them spend it on what they want.

Look at the 1980s as an example. Taxes were cut, regulations slashed, and a record amount of dollars went to charitable giving.

Another great example is Grover Cleveland's veto of the Texas seed bill.

Sure, the government has access to lots of money. But, it's our money, not theirs. And they have a poor track record of accomplishing anything with it. The people actually have a good track record, when they get to keep more of what they make. So, who do you think is more likely to find a cure for any disease?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Arrogant Condescention

So, occasionally I decide to put a post on Facebook about politics. I don't do this to irritate Democrats. I don't do it to tick off liberals. I do it to educate young people. I do it because if you don't teach the importance of capitalism, socialism is the natural default.

Okay? That's why I do it.

The founders of this country knew what existed before them. They knew that 99% of people in the world lived under totalitarian dictator type governments. They lived under kings and queens or totalitarian thugs. They were denied their natural rights.

The founders changed all that. They made it so anyone born in America would not be denied these rights. This is the main reason the founders thought it was so important to educate young kids. And so this was done until about 1960-1980-ish when the government pretty much took over education in the U.S.

So, now liberals basically control what our kids learn. They don't teach about American Excpetionalism anymore. I mean, some teachers probably do. But, it's the exception today more so than the rule.

Essentially, if you don't teach American Exceptionalism, socialism is the natural default. If you don't teach conservatism, liberalism is the natural result. That's why so many people now accept socialism. They accept it even though we fought two world wars to prevent it's spread.

I don't expect lots of likes on my political posts. I don't expect it. I never get any. That's fine. But, what I do get, from time to time, is a ticked off liberal. They get so mad that I share my opinion. Most of the time they don't say anything, but occasionally they share their hatred of my opinion.

So, basically, my job as a parent is to educate.  I am a God fearing conservative. So, naturally, I want my kids to become God-fearing conservatives. So, it only makes sense that my kids are taught about God and conservative principles in school.

Why? Well, I think, as a parent, I should have a say in what my kids are taught. I don't think some nut head in Washington should be allowed to tell my kids things I don't agree with.

For example, I don't want my kids learning that global warming is a fact. They can learn about it, they can be educated about it. Sure, I'm fine with that. But I don't want my kids coming home telling me the world is overpopulated. And it's because of global warming.

That's the kind of BS I hate about our public schools. They should be training kids to think, not telling them what to think.

So, to combat this, I put an occasional post on my Facebook page. I'm not a fan of memes. Mostly, I just put videos or quotes that tell the truth about America and its founding. It may about the economy. It may be the truth about tax cuts, or the true story of Thanksgiving. You know, stuff like that.

But I get lots of hate from my Democrat friends. Now, we are still friends. Political differences have never gotten in the way of friendships, at least not in my world. We bicker about it, but then we hug and drink a beer. Okay? So, it's not like political fighting is going to ruin friendships.

Still, I find that my liberal friends can't handle to learn. It's like, I teach and they get really irritated with me. It's like, I offer facts. I have all the facts on my side. But, still, it doesn't matter with them. They talk down to me in an arrogant and condescending matter, like I'm stupid.

There is a term for this. It's called Arrogant condescention. They talk as though they are annoyed that you could be so stupid. They talk down to you

They are always right no matter what. I am always wrong no matter what. It doesn't matter what facts I present. They don't even bother listening to the facts. They just get mad. Their attempt is to make me feel guilty so I shut up and quit posting.

But, all along, they do it themselves. They post on their Facebook pages whatever they want. They post about how stupid conservatives are; how naive they are. And I'm supposed to just like it. And if I disagree, I'm refusing to accept change; I'm an idiot; I'm a racist; I'm a homophobe; I'm backwoods.

So, I present facts to my kids. I present facts on my Facebook page. I mean, it's my Facebook page. It's my home. I can put anything on it I want. If you don't like it, just ignore it. Or, you can do what some of my friends have done, just unfollow me. I mean, it's that easy.

But, they don't. They continue to follow me. And when they disagree with what I post, they write hate messages. It doesn't matter how truthful I am. Why? Because they don't care about the truth.

Greg Gutfeld explained the differences between conservatives and liberals to a tee. I thought it was a very good video. So, I posted it on my Facebook page. My liberal friends did not care what Gutfeld said. They weren't attempting to learn from what Gutfeld said. Gutfeld was just the latest figure that they attempt to disagree with.

Okay? They don't even care about being properly informed. The only thing they care about is will liberalism succeed. If anyone gets in the way, they can't stand it. That's why they hate Trump so much. That's why they hate it when I post the stuff I do.

Again, I don't post this stuff to irritate them.  I don't even make a habit of posting about politics. Still, I have the right to do so. They have a right to block me. I'm fine with it.

You know, I would love to get into an intelligent discussion on politics. I'm open to doing it on my Facebook page, that's fine. If only my liberal friends -- and not all of them either, just a select few -- could quit being offended by the truth. If only they could quit being offended by hearing opposing viewpoints.

For crying out loud.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Who's smart and who's not

There's a lot of talks lately about the intelligence of Donald Trump. People are making fun of him calling himself a genius. These are the same people who thought Obama was a genius. So, this raises the question: who's smart and who's not smart. Allow me to pose some side-by-side A-B comparisons and let you decide.

So, you have two presidents. One creates a bunch of regulations that burden the economy. He is the only president ever to not see one period of 3% economic growth. We saw a record number of people give up looking for work. We saw a record number of people applying for food stamps. Wages were stagnant during his tenure. And he said this is how it will before now on. That the days of America being an economic superpower are done. That this is the new normal. Consumer confidence plummets.

Then the other president undoes the policies of the former. He cuts regulations to get them out of the way. And the economy prospers. In less than a year the economy he presides over an economy running at a 3% clip. The economy is actually growing at twice the rate his predecessor's economy did. Unemployment is declining, and black unemployment is at a record low. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.

So, who's smart and who's not smart.

One president intervenes in Iraq. He sets the stage for them to get nuclear weapons. And not one person in his cabinet steps in and says, "Hey! This is crazy! These guys harbor terrorists." Instead, they say things like, "Hey, no one said America couldn't have these weapons. Whose to say Iraq can't!" This strategy also creates a breeding ground for the growth of radical terrorist groups like ISIS. We are told by this president that this is the new normal. Americans feel unsafe.

The other president comes in and reverses the strategy of his predecessor. He says he will not allow them to get a nuclear weapon. This is important because they have an unstable leader and who knows what they will do with that power. Plus, within less than a year ISIS is all but decimated as a threat. Americans feel safer

So, who's smart and who's not smart?

You have one president who says it is what it is and there's nothing you can do to change it. Then the other says he doesn't accept the status quo. He sets out on a mission to change it. And he does. And he makes it better.

So, who's smart and who's not smart.

You see, this is the kind of stuff we have to deal with. You have people who are not smart making important decisions.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Trump diagnosed insane due to different world view

He's insane. He's unfit for office. He's psychologically unfit. These are things people are saying about Donald Trump. Psychologists who disagree with him are saying these things. Then they say we should invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. What should we make of all this?

Look, they are not diagnosing him because they've met the man. They are trying to criminalize the man because they disagree with his politics. They did the same thing to Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Diagnosing people without having met them is what they did in Russia. People were locked up in Russia because they disagreed with the mainstream; because they disagreed with the Communists. In China, if you disagreed with the government you were locked up in mental hospitals.

For those not familiar with the 25th amendment, it refers to removing a president from office if he is unfit. If the president's cabinet thinks he's unfit, they can seek to remove him from office. It was put in place after Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and his wife finished off his Presidency. So, that's what it's all about.

And, as is typical of socialists, liberals are passionate about advancing their agenda. Every time they feel they are making headway along comes a good mainstream conservative or libertarian. And, rather than oppose them politically, they try to make out that the person is psychologically unsound and unfit for office. They do this without any basis.

The reason for this is liberals have one worldview. They believe in theories. If you don't believe in their theories, you have other ideas, it's not even worth considering. If you don't accept what their view is, there must be something wrong with you.

Look, their president dominated for eight years. He advanced the liberal agenda. They thought Hilary was going to win. They thought he was the smartest person in the world. Anyone who agreed with him was smart. But, at the same time, he did a lot of stupid things.

He took control of one-sixth of the economy with his Obamacare. He lied to the people to make it happen. He forced people to buy health insurance. The healthcare system is now in shambles. And it was all by design so the government could take it over. And the man who did this is said to be a genius.

He presided over one of the worsts periods of economic growth in our history. He enabled thug dictators to get on a path to nuclear weapons. He destabilized Iraq and allowed Isis to form. He placed regulations before the military so they couldn't defend themselves. He put out country in a bad place. And yet he was the genius.

So, because of decisions of this so-called smart man, we lived in a country that didn't see one period of 3% economic growth. This was the only President not to have one single period of 3% economic growth. He presided over an economy where a record number of people just gave up looking for work. He presided over an economy that saw a record number of people on food stamps. He presided over a country that feared terrorist attacks. And we were told this was the new normal. That this was just how it was going to be from now on.

And you have a man who replaces him in the office named Donald Trump. And he makes smart decisions to stop what this so-called genius is doing. He says he wants to fix what this so-called genius did to make America great again. And they say he is a moron who is unfit for office.

So, this man who is unfit for office turns the economy around in less than 12 months. He gets rid of unnecessary Obama regulations. He undoes all the Obama policies he can. And the economy begins to soar even before tax cuts are passed. The economy grows so fast it grows at twice the rate it ever grew under Obama. The stock market soars to it's highest levels ever. People are beginning to prosper. Isis is all but eliminated. People no longer fear for their lives. And he's considered the moron who is unfit for office. They say he is not smart.

Look, they thought Hillary was going to win. They were actually salivating at the idea. They were salivating. Then someone comes in with a different worldview, and this man wins an election, and it became panic time. The left has become unhinged.

They cannot fathom that someone would actually disagree with them. And they can't fathom the idea that someone who disagrees with them would actually get elected. So they make up this notion that this man is unhinged. That he is unfit for office. That he is psychologically deranged. They say he shouldn't be around buttons attached to bombs. They say he's going to start a nuclear war.

When he's not. And he won't. He's just a man with a different worldview. He's just a man who loves his country and has a better idea of saving it.

Socialists. Communists. Liberals. They think they know what's best for you. They have theories. They sit around and they theorize. They have a utopian worldview. They believe people are incapable of making decisions for themselves. They think people are stupid. And without them making decisions for them, the world would collapse.

This is why they have so much faith and trust in government. They think the government is the answer to every problem out there. And someone comes along and says this is poppycock, that people are smart and can solve their own problems. They go unhinged. They go nuts! They just can't fathom the idea that their theories could be argued with.

They think they are smart. Anyone who disagrees with them is not smart. That's the basis that Donald Trump is a moron. This is why they say the 25th amendment should be invoked.

And I'm not just talking about Democrats here. I'm talking about establishment Republicans too. I'm talking guys like John McCain. I'm talking guys like Mitt Romney. Sure, they may differ on some issues. But, when it comes down to it, they all think alike and they all believe alike. They believe in the status quo. They believe in their theories.

They have a worldview, and anyone who disagrees with them is psychologically unfit for office. That's the grounds of the Daisy add when Goldwater was running for president. Okay? They actually believed someone who disagreed with them would be sitting on a nuclear button ready to push it. Not true. There was never any basis for this claim.

They said the same things about Reagan. And now they are saying the same things about Trump. The truth is he is not unstable. He is not stupid. He is not unfit for office. He is actually smarter than they are and they just don't know it. They cannot fathom the idea that they might be wrong. They can not fathom the idea their theories might possibly be wrong.

So, now this takes us back to our argument of what is smart. How do you define smart? Who is smart, the man who raises taxes and increases regulations? Or the man who cuts taxes and lets people decide what to do with their own money. Who is smart, the man who lets terrorist thug, dictator nations get on a path to nuclear weapons, or the man who aims to stop it?

Like, who is smart and who is dumb? The Washington establishment (Obama, McCain) believe smart is defined by where you come from. They believe it's defined by your worldview. They are incapable of understanding anyone, not of their worldview. And keep in mind their worldview is completely based on theories.

They do not worry about facts. You can throw all the facts you want at them, if they don't fit into their theories, they are just ignored. I explained this in my series, "How Do You Define Smart?"

In any case, if you disagree with them, you are not smart. That's what we are dealing with here. If you disagree with them, you are insane, unfit for office. You must be stopped at all costs, even if that means lying about Rusian spying.