Thursday, July 28, 2022

What Is The Cause Of All This Divisiveness?

 Who caused the divisiveness in our country? Republicans? Donald Trump. I don't think so. The divisiveness was caused by those who believe in free speech unless you are a republican. The divisiveness was caused by people who force others to think the same as they do. 

I can give you many examples. Let's start with abortion. Rowe probably would have stayed had democrats not tried to expand abortion rights all the way to birth. Then they added late term abortions, meaning that a baby is killed that was perfectly capable of being a fully functioning human being. 

And then you had democrats making laws where republicans were forced to pay for abortions through their taxes. Look, I don't want you taking my hard earned money and spending it on things I don't approve of. 

And from here I can segue to global warming. Democrats believe in global warming. That's fine. But then democrats want to tax republicans and force them to pay for global warming via their taxes. Is that fair? It is if you are a democrat. But it's not fair if you are a republican. 

And republicans aren't necessarily anti-global warming. Some are. Some are not. Still, we know that raising taxes for Americans and increasing regulations to businesses is not the way to improve global warming. If they worked, then at what point have you taken enough of our money? When do you decide: Okay, we are done. The answer is you will never be satisfied. 

And you wonder why we are divisive. 

You have democrats believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to freely come into our country with no checks on whether they carry deadly diseases or are criminals. And then they send these people to republican areas of the country and tell us we have to feed and take care of them. How is that fair? 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

It's Not Fair To Make Me Pay Off Your Debt

My liberal friend said Biden is going to help students pay off their debt. He said his kids have $60,000 in student loan debt. And he thinks it's not fair they have to have this debt. So he's all for Biden at least giving $10,000 to each student.  

And I said that's not fair to me. And he said if I don't think it's fair, then I don't understand the student loan debt problem. And I said that it's not fair that you take on a big debt and I have to pay it off. I don't think it's fair that I work my ass off, I work two jobs to pay off my debt and maintain a life. So it's not fair that I should have to pay even more in taxes to pay of your debt so you can maintain your life too. That is not fair. 

I do agree there is a student debt problem. But I am not responsible for it. If you want to help kids with high student loans, then make the colleges and universities responsible for overcharging. Make the colleges and universities find ways of lowering costs, rather than punishing people like me. 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Democrats Are Responsible For Dividing Our Country, Not Republicans

My friend told me Trump is responsible for dividing our country. it is not true. He said it is because of his mean words. Him calling democrats and people he doesn't agree with stupid. But we know this is not true, as democrats have been mean to republicans for years. And republicans continue to take the high road. And it gets them no where.  Until Trump came along and gave democrats some of their own game. And I talked about this yesterday.

Today I can take this a step further. Think of the things democrats are trying to do to America. Democrats are the ones who want to take guns away from law abiding citizens. Democrats are the ones who are allowing illegal immigrants to come across our borders to take our jobs and rape our women. They are for no borders so drugs can pour across our borders. 

Democrats are the ones who want to take your well earned money to give it to causes that you don't support. They want to take your money to pay off the loans of college students, when you had to pay off yours on your own. Heck, my friend said that, since I don't want to do this is because I don't understand the loan problem facing young adults today. Really? I am struggling to pay my bills because of high gas prices and inflation. And my friend thinks my money needs to go towards giving $10,000 to every person with a college loan. Why is that my responsibility? Why do I have to pay off the debts of people I don't even know? And all that is going to do is add to our inflation problem. 

It's democrats who want to allow men who think they are women to compete against our women in events like swimming. It is democrats who want men who identify as women to use the same bathrooms as our daughters. It's democrats who want to teach our children about sex when they are in elementary school, and they want to do this against the will of parents. 

It is democrats to fire our white male teachers and coaches who pray with our children after a victory on the soccer field. It's democrats who want to take God out of our lives, and they make every effort they can to take God out of our kid's lives. 

It is democrats who are teaching our kids the opposite of what we want them to learn. It is democrats who want to teach our kids that our great nation was built by slavery, while we want our kids to be taught the truth, that our nation was built despite slavery. They want to teach our kids that America is the cause of all the problems in the world. While we want our kids to know the truth, that other nations are free BECAUSE of America. 

It's democrats who forced people to wear masks against their wishes during COVID. It's democrats who tried to force people to get vaccines during COVID. And yet they say things like, "My body my choice," in regards to allowing mothers to murder their babies. It's democrats who ignore our constitution and force things on us that that we do not want. 

It is democrats who try to make one group of people less offended while at the same time offending another group of people.  It's democrats who make sure minorities are respected and are the focus of policies, while at the same time denying the rights of the privileged. And they have bias training  for white Christian men that forces them to agree to things that are against their faith and traditions just to keep their jobs.

It is democrats who call republicans "a basket of deplorables." And yet Trump calling Hillary "Crazy Hillary" is what is causing a national divide? It's crazy. 

It's democrats who give those accused of crimes no bail. And it's democrats who get criminals out of jail for free, only so these people can commit more crimes while they are free. And then they wonder why crime rates like murders are soaring in our cities. 

Trump cut taxes and regulations. Trump had the economy soaring. Trump closed our borders and made sure illegals stayed out. Trump made it so black and Hispanic unemployment was lower that it has ever been in recorded history. Female unemployment was lower than it was for more than half a century. The economy was doing better than it had in decades. 

Democrats see two Americas: Those who are wealthy and those who live paycheck to paycheck. Those who are traditional Americans (white, Christian) and those who are minorities (black, women, Indians, Hispanic, etc.). Democrats view those who worked hard and succeeded as the enemy, and those who struggle are, and the good guys are the poor and underclassed. And they aim to pit these two groups against one another by their policies and their words. They say the rich are greedy. They say the rich don't pay their fair share. They say these mean things, they do all these mean things, yet they want you to think Trump is mean.  

And, of course, the end result is an America divided. 

And yet Trump is responsible for our national divide? Yeah! We know the truth. Trump is the result of their divisive politics. The the cause of national divide is liberalism and the democrats who spread it. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Trump Did Not Cause Division In Our Country

I had a coworker tell me that Donald Trump caused division in our country. I had no choice to call him on it. The people who caused division in our country are democrats. 

Democrats for years have talked down to republicans in an arrogant and condescending way. They have ripped and trashed republicans. And all republicans do is take the high road. 

And, of course, the media paid no attention to democrats when they did this because the media agreed with democrats. And this is because most people in the media are democrats. 

The entire eight years of Bush that's all democrats did was trash him. They trashed him so much they drove his approval numbers into the 30s. And the reason his numbers went down so low is because he refused to defend himself. Like other republicans, he took the high road. He did not defend himself. He even said that it's not his job to defend himself, it's history to do that. 

And here comes Trump. He calls democrats on for what they were. And he was the only republican in modern history to do this. And he did such a great job at it that he was elected president. 

And now democrats have the nerve to say that Trump is the meanest guy and he is the one who caused division in our country. 

I have a good analogy here. There was a man who was married. And his wife for years nagged him. His wife complained about just about everything this guy did. And he took the high road. He never said anything back to his wife. He just kept taking the hits. 

He did this for years and years. He would clean the house. And she would come home and say, "This house looks like shit!  

And finally, after many years of marriage, he hit a wall. He was fed up with how he was being treated. So he decided to talk to her. And a fight ensued. And the wife said, "You are so mean!"

The truth was, that his wife was mean. She was mean to him for years. And the one time he got the nerve to stand up to her, now she calls him mean. 

The same thing with democrats and Trump. Democrats were mean to republicans for years. And finally republicans get Trump. And he calls it how it is. He calls democrats on their skulduggery. And now he's the mean guy who causes division in our country. 

This only happens because the media only reports meanness when it's republicans doing it. Democrats have been doing this for years. If you listen to Fox or conservative media, you are aware of this. But, if all you do is listen to CBC, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc, then you are blind to the truth. Sorry, but it's true. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tip #21. You can learn how useful wisdom is by asking an RT with 20 plus years experience

So you are an RT student. You have a question.  Perhaps it's a question you need to know for a test. Perhaps it's information you need for your RT or CRT test. Then you need to know the answer for that. 

Yet sometimes I witness RT students asking us RTs questions. Well, actually it happens a lot. And most of the time we have answers. And the reason we have answers is that it's the information we find useful and that we use, at least from time to time. 

But if you ask an RT of 20 plus years a question, and they don't know the answer, it's probably because it doesn't matter. The answer might be useful to help you pass a test or impress someone. But it's not a bit of wisdom needed in the real world. 


Student: "What type of a ventilator is this?"

RT of 20 years: "It's a Servi i." 

Student: "No. I mean, is it flow cycled or pressure limited." 

RT of 20 years. "I have no idea. I remember studying those in school. But it's information I forgot as soon as the test was over." 

This information is not important to the typical therapist. It may prove helpful to engineers who are developing such equipment. But it's not helpful in the field of RT work. 

Example #2. 

Student. "When peak pressure and static pressure both increase, what does that mean?"

RT of 20 years: "It means that your compliance has decreased. It means your lungs are stiffer. Severe COVID-19 is a perfect example of this. Their lungs are stiff, and therefore there pressures are higher. This is why we use low tidal volumes and high respiratory rates and are happy with some degree of respiratory acidosis." 

Student. "Wow! I am impressed with your knowledge.

This information is very helpful in the line of RT work. I guarantee there will be one or maybe more questions about peak and static pressures. There may be a question about what it means if they both go up. There may be questions about what happens when the gap between them increases. So, know this wisdom. You will definitely benefit from this wisdom when you are a real RT.

If you ask this question to an RT who has worked at a certain hospital for 20 years or longer. And that therapist doesn't know the answer. Then it probably doesn't matter. 

Think about it. That RT has worked 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Here's why I will never own an electric car

My friends were trying to convince me to buy an electric car. This conversation was spawned by the increasing gas prices. They told me since gas prices are so high, this would be a good incentive to by an electric car. 

I said, "I will never in my life buy an electric car." 

And of course, my friends were concerned about this. "Why would you not want to buy an electric car? Are you selfish? Do you not care about the Earth?'

I said, "None of that. The reason I won't ever buy one is that I am 51 years old. And right now the least expensive electric car is $100,000. And that is $88,000 over my budget. Plus electric cars require new batteries every few years. And I don't want to have to pay $3-5,000 for a new battery, or whatever that cost is. For me, it's more cost-effective to buy a car run by gas. And I am certain that the price will not come down to fit into my budget by the time I need a new car.

"Plus, I continued. I only buy used cars. So, by the time a cost-effective electric car is on the market, plus one that fits into my budget, I am certain I will be long gone by then." 

And of course, there are others reasons too. I live in Michigan. I have learned that batteries have moving parts in them. They have lithium-ion batteries including the ions. And in cold weather, they freeze the cathodes. And this makes it pretty much a solid rather than a jelly. And if these ions can't move the battery cannot make the electricity needed to start the car. 

Also, in cold weather, there is no wind. So, there won't be any way for the wind turbines the liberals want to create electricity with to spin. And when this happens there will be no way for people to charge those batteries for those electric cars. So, unless some engineer figures a way to solve this problem. And enough time passes for the patent to expire and the cost to come down to earth. There is no way an electric car will be available for me during my lifetime. 

And this is just me being honest. It's me looking at the bit picture. And this is something liberals fail to do: look at the big picture. They just look at the idea and say, "Yeah, this is what we need." And this is another good example of idealism (liberalism) versus realism (conservatism). 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

America Is NOT inherently racist

Critical race theory

It’s a theory that America is inherently racist. And it was true prior to the 1960. But it is not true today. But, according to democrats, it is true.

In the 1960s people were defined by their color. Today, people are not defined by their color. In fact, we even had a 2 term black President. This in itself proves America is not systemically racist. But don’t tell a democrat that.

Democrats want you to believe America is still systemically racist. That all our systems are racist from the top down. And this is simply not true.

Studies show that COVID hit the black population harder than the white population. So, democrats think this is proof of systemic racism in the healthcare system. So this explains why Governor Whitmer said the hospital system is inherently racist. That some poeple are being turned away just because they are black. Which just isn’t true.
Still, based on this theory, she has decided that we healthcare workers need race training.

This is B.S. I have been working in a hospital for 25 years not. And I have never once seen a patient turned down due to color. If they choose not to seek treatment, it is their own fault for not coming in. It is not our fault.

In fact, it is even a law saying that we cannot turn anyone down for treatment. There would be peokple going to jail if what governor Whitmer said was true.

1699 project.

A project that claims that the Revolutionary war was fought to preserve the institution of slavery. And this is not true. Still, the left is insisting that this be taught in schools. In California it is already being taught. So, our kids are basically being taught a lie by the left leaning school systems.