Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tip #21. You can learn how useful wisdom is by asking an RT with 20 plus years experience

So you are an RT student. You have a question.  Perhaps it's a question you need to know for a test. Perhaps it's information you need for your RT or CRT test. Then you need to know the answer for that. 

Yet sometimes I witness RT students asking us RTs questions. Well, actually it happens a lot. And most of the time we have answers. And the reason we have answers is that it's the information we find useful and that we use, at least from time to time. 

But if you ask an RT of 20 plus years a question, and they don't know the answer, it's probably because it doesn't matter. The answer might be useful to help you pass a test or impress someone. But it's not a bit of wisdom needed in the real world. 


Student: "What type of a ventilator is this?"

RT of 20 years: "It's a Servi i." 

Student: "No. I mean, is it flow cycled or pressure limited." 

RT of 20 years. "I have no idea. I remember studying those in school. But it's information I forgot as soon as the test was over." 

This information is not important to the typical therapist. It may prove helpful to engineers who are developing such equipment. But it's not helpful in the field of RT work. 

Example #2. 

Student. "When peak pressure and static pressure both increase, what does that mean?"

RT of 20 years: "It means that your compliance has decreased. It means your lungs are stiffer. Severe COVID-19 is a perfect example of this. Their lungs are stiff, and therefore there pressures are higher. This is why we use low tidal volumes and high respiratory rates and are happy with some degree of respiratory acidosis." 

Student. "Wow! I am impressed with your knowledge.

This information is very helpful in the line of RT work. I guarantee there will be one or maybe more questions about peak and static pressures. There may be a question about what it means if they both go up. There may be questions about what happens when the gap between them increases. So, know this wisdom. You will definitely benefit from this wisdom when you are a real RT.

If you ask this question to an RT who has worked at a certain hospital for 20 years or longer. And that therapist doesn't know the answer. Then it probably doesn't matter. 

Think about it. That RT has worked 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Here's why I will never own an electric car

My friends were trying to convince me to buy an electric car. This conversation was spawned by the increasing gas prices. They told me since gas prices are so high, this would be a good incentive to by an electric car. 

I said, "I will never in my life buy an electric car." 

And of course, my friends were concerned about this. "Why would you not want to buy an electric car? Are you selfish? Do you not care about the Earth?'

I said, "None of that. The reason I won't ever buy one is that I am 51 years old. And right now the least expensive electric car is $100,000. And that is $88,000 over my budget. Plus electric cars require new batteries every few years. And I don't want to have to pay $3-5,000 for a new battery, or whatever that cost is. For me, it's more cost-effective to buy a car run by gas. And I am certain that the price will not come down to fit into my budget by the time I need a new car.

"Plus, I continued. I only buy used cars. So, by the time a cost-effective electric car is on the market, plus one that fits into my budget, I am certain I will be long gone by then." 

And of course, there are others reasons too. I live in Michigan. I have learned that batteries have moving parts in them. They have lithium-ion batteries including the ions. And in cold weather, they freeze the cathodes. And this makes it pretty much a solid rather than a jelly. And if these ions can't move the battery cannot make the electricity needed to start the car. 

Also, in cold weather, there is no wind. So, there won't be any way for the wind turbines the liberals want to create electricity with to spin. And when this happens there will be no way for people to charge those batteries for those electric cars. So, unless some engineer figures a way to solve this problem. And enough time passes for the patent to expire and the cost to come down to earth. There is no way an electric car will be available for me during my lifetime. 

And this is just me being honest. It's me looking at the bit picture. And this is something liberals fail to do: look at the big picture. They just look at the idea and say, "Yeah, this is what we need." And this is another good example of idealism (liberalism) versus realism (conservatism). 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

America Is NOT inherently racist

Critical race theory

It’s a theory that America is inherently racist. And it was true prior to the 1960. But it is not true today. But, according to democrats, it is true.

In the 1960s people were defined by their color. Today, people are not defined by their color. In fact, we even had a 2 term black President. This in itself proves America is not systemically racist. But don’t tell a democrat that.

Democrats want you to believe America is still systemically racist. That all our systems are racist from the top down. And this is simply not true.

Studies show that COVID hit the black population harder than the white population. So, democrats think this is proof of systemic racism in the healthcare system. So this explains why Governor Whitmer said the hospital system is inherently racist. That some poeple are being turned away just because they are black. Which just isn’t true.
Still, based on this theory, she has decided that we healthcare workers need race training.

This is B.S. I have been working in a hospital for 25 years not. And I have never once seen a patient turned down due to color. If they choose not to seek treatment, it is their own fault for not coming in. It is not our fault.

In fact, it is even a law saying that we cannot turn anyone down for treatment. There would be peokple going to jail if what governor Whitmer said was true.

1699 project.

A project that claims that the Revolutionary war was fought to preserve the institution of slavery. And this is not true. Still, the left is insisting that this be taught in schools. In California it is already being taught. So, our kids are basically being taught a lie by the left leaning school systems.

The founding fathers from the north were not racist

The left is trying to insinuate that America is inherently racist. That we are systemically racist. And it begins with the founding fathers. And it includes the "good guys," the founding fathers who represented the north. 

They argue that the north was against counting slaves as people. The north wanted slaves to count as 3/5 of a person. While in the south they wanted slaves to count as 5/5 of a person. They say this was because the south considered slaves as people and the north did not. And therefore the north was racist. 

This is poppycock. The truth is that the south wanted slaves counted as 5/5 because they wanted more representatives. They figured this would give them more of a say in Congress And this would give them more power to spread slavery. 

The north wanted slaves to count as zero because they hated the institution of slavery. They figured they would have more representation. And they figured if slaves counted as zero this would give them more power over getting rid of the institution of slavery. 

They also claim that George Washington was a racist. Their proof of this is that he owned slaves. Yet they fail to note that Washington put in his will that his slaves would be freed upon his death. And he also supported the Northwest ordinance. 

What is the Northwest ordinance. It banned slavery. It made it so that any new state was not allowed to have slaves. The confederate slaves did the exact opposite. The confederate constitution had it so any new state had to allow for the institution of slavery. 

So, there are some facts for you. The north was not racist. America is not inherently racist. There is not systemic racism in America.

northwest ordinance