Saturday, May 22, 2021

Here's why I will never own an electric car

My friends were trying to convince me to buy an electric car. This conversation was spawned by the increasing gas prices. They told me since gas prices are so high, this would be a good incentive to by an electric car. 

I said, "I will never in my life buy an electric car." 

And of course, my friends were concerned about this. "Why would you not want to buy an electric car? Are you selfish? Do you not care about the Earth?'

I said, "None of that. The reason I won't ever buy one is that I am 51 years old. And right now the least expensive electric car is $100,000. And that is $88,000 over my budget. Plus electric cars require new batteries every few years. And I don't want to have to pay $3-5,000 for a new battery, or whatever that cost is. For me, it's more cost-effective to buy a car run by gas. And I am certain that the price will not come down to fit into my budget by the time I need a new car.

"Plus, I continued. I only buy used cars. So, by the time a cost-effective electric car is on the market, plus one that fits into my budget, I am certain I will be long gone by then." 

And of course, there are others reasons too. I live in Michigan. I have learned that batteries have moving parts in them. They have lithium-ion batteries including the ions. And in cold weather, they freeze the cathodes. And this makes it pretty much a solid rather than a jelly. And if these ions can't move the battery cannot make the electricity needed to start the car. 

Also, in cold weather, there is no wind. So, there won't be any way for the wind turbines the liberals want to create electricity with to spin. And when this happens there will be no way for people to charge those batteries for those electric cars. So, unless some engineer figures a way to solve this problem. And enough time passes for the patent to expire and the cost to come down to earth. There is no way an electric car will be available for me during my lifetime. 

And this is just me being honest. It's me looking at the bit picture. And this is something liberals fail to do: look at the big picture. They just look at the idea and say, "Yeah, this is what we need." And this is another good example of idealism (liberalism) versus realism (conservatism). 

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