Thursday, May 6, 2021

America Is NOT inherently racist

Critical race theory

It’s a theory that America is inherently racist. And it was true prior to the 1960. But it is not true today. But, according to democrats, it is true.

In the 1960s people were defined by their color. Today, people are not defined by their color. In fact, we even had a 2 term black President. This in itself proves America is not systemically racist. But don’t tell a democrat that.

Democrats want you to believe America is still systemically racist. That all our systems are racist from the top down. And this is simply not true.

Studies show that COVID hit the black population harder than the white population. So, democrats think this is proof of systemic racism in the healthcare system. So this explains why Governor Whitmer said the hospital system is inherently racist. That some poeple are being turned away just because they are black. Which just isn’t true.
Still, based on this theory, she has decided that we healthcare workers need race training.

This is B.S. I have been working in a hospital for 25 years not. And I have never once seen a patient turned down due to color. If they choose not to seek treatment, it is their own fault for not coming in. It is not our fault.

In fact, it is even a law saying that we cannot turn anyone down for treatment. There would be peokple going to jail if what governor Whitmer said was true.

1699 project.

A project that claims that the Revolutionary war was fought to preserve the institution of slavery. And this is not true. Still, the left is insisting that this be taught in schools. In California it is already being taught. So, our kids are basically being taught a lie by the left leaning school systems.

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