Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The power of Absolute truths

One of the things we have gotten away from in this country is telling people about absolute truths because we are afraid of offending people. We've gotten away from this in church, courts, school, politics and, the medical field. The result has lead to many of the problems we face today.

There are two things we are told never to discuss with strangers, and these are religion and politics. The reason is because we don't want to offend them. Yet in church, in court, in school, and in politics we should be exploring the truth and teaching about absolute truths.

Yet out of fear of offending someone, we don't do this anymore. Today we are more interested in keeping the peace than telling the truth. The reason for this is because the truth can hurt. And in today's world of political correctness, too many of us are more interested in keeping the peace than teaching truths.

To make matters worse, since we have quit talking about absolute truths, we have become lazy intellectually. Instead of continuously looking for answers, we settle for what we already know. Or, worse, we are easily susceptible to ideas that are contrary to the truth. 

For instance, our children are taught in school that modern theories are not theories at all but facts.  They are taught that mankind is causing global warming, rather than teach that this is just one theory.  They do not teach the other side, and, because we are not our there teaching absolute truths, our kids start believing this stuff.  

There are many people out in our society who teach that God does not exist.  If we are not sharing absolute truths with our children, it becomes easier for these people to influence our children.

My job as a respiratory therapist presents another good example.  Physicians often order breathing treatments that are a waste of time and money.  Yet I personally don't want to upset a doctor the absolute truth about what he is ordering, and so I become an enabler.  The fear that I might lose my job is a factor that plays into this.  Because I fear, I have become an enabler of an un-truth.

Still, because we are afraid to tell physicians the absolute truth, patients are needlessly getting breathing treatments, hospitals are eating the cost, and therapists like myself are getting burned out and apathetic.

Because we are afraid of telling absolute truths, the scientific community has become lazy in their research because doctors are not pushing for the absolute truth either.  So it's a never ending cycle.

The absolute truth is that people are smart and can take responsibility for their own actions.  The absolute truth is that each law takes away another natural right.  The absolute truth is that tax cuts may result in increased governmental revenue compared with tax hikes, especially when taxes are already high.  

The absolute truth is that frugality and virtues are essential to maintaining a just, noble, and prosperous society. The absolute truth is that we stopped teaching these these absolute truths about 40 years ago, and this has only resulted in the destruction of the fabric that forms societies.  

There is a force of evil over the world right now, and it's being lead by progressives and radical Islam. These factions have been on the offense the past 100 years because the rest of society has become lazy and hasn't been looking for them. 

While we had a blind eye to progressives they were working hard to pull the moral fabric right from under us.  They tried to force their ideas on us, but we rejected their agenda.  Because their agenda was so unpopular, they were forced to take baby steps in order to move it forward.  

While we had a blind eye to terrorism they were busy planning for our destruction, and they succeeded on 9-11.  Still, many of us continue to ignore the warning signs while they continue charging toward the complete destruction of the West to move in order to transition us to accepting their New World Order of a global Caliphate. 

Another Absolute truth that is rarely taught today is that the founding fathers did not like democracies.  They knew that democratic nations can elect good people, yet they can also elect terrorists to lead them, which is what occurred in Palestine.  The founders knew that most democracies ended in totalitarianism and ultimately in destruction (i.e. ancient Greece).  

Surely there are those who champion for democracies in the Middle East, and it's true that democracies don't fight one another.  Yet it is also true that the founding fathers realized that republics work better because, in democratic nations, all the people must know what's going on, and all the people must vote, and all the people must participate in the future of their nation.  

Yet Lord knows that absolute truth is that most people are lazy and uninterested in running government.  Most people do not vote.  And when this happens in a democracy, totalitarian dictator thugs take over.  Yet when this happens in a republic as America is, the government keeps running. 

So is it a coincidence that most people have forgotten that America is a republic and refer to it as a democracy?  Is it a coincidence? Or, was this a gradual change made as a result of our fathers not teaching absolute truths because they were too busy working to feed their families.  

Yet while they were working, progressives succeeded in changing our republic into a democracy.   Why is this important?  Because progressives know that in a democracy it is easier for progressives to pass their agenda.  

If progressives get their way, socialism will engulf our nation, and this will come at the expense of religion.  Most people do not know this, but it is also an absolute truth that progressivism and socialism cannot exist side by side with religion.  Why is this?

Well, Stalin once said that he believed in God, but he knew that God, Church, and Religions were the antithesis of socialism.  He knew that God created capitalism, another absolute truth.    

It is for this reason why you don't see any churches in China or Russia or Cuba or in progressive areas of Europe.  It is for this reason why there is a push by progressives in America to remove Christ from Christmas and to prevent children from praying in schools.  

The absolute truth is that Muslims will build their caliphate if we don't stop them. The absolute truth is that most terrorist organizations have charters that call for the complete destruction of Israel, and of all people who don't convert to their religion. 

Yet our leaders are afraid to even use the word terrorist for fear of offending Muslims.  We do not speak up because we fear offending people.  We do not teach absolute truth for fear of offending. It is for this reason our nation is moving in the wrong direction.

Look, when Moses escaped Israel, only 20 percent of the Israelites left with him out of fear of absolute truths, such as the fear of hunger and the fear of living out in the cold. They weren't sure they wanted to make the sacrifice, take the risk of going where no one has gone before.  So it's the absolute truth that only 20 percent of Israelites stood by Mt. Sinai when Moses introduced them to the Ten Commandments.

The good, however, was that it only took 20 percent of Israelites to succeed at moving forth what they believed in.  This is symbolic of the absolute truth that it only takes a small number to start taking the steps needed to tell absolute truths.  Small groups can peaceably assemble and say, "It's time we take our country back."

We need to get back to teaching absolute truths.  We need to put a kingdom of light over the darkness caused by the power of deception.

We need to get leaders in the Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Conservative and liberal communities to stand up and speak out, and to develop followers who seek to learn the absolute truth. We can all come together and become the most powerful majority on the face of the earth. It only takes a small number. It only takes 20-25 percent.

Ronald Reagan once said that "Freedom will prosper when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is followed." No government has ever lasted as long as ours.  If we go back to the core values that formed this nation, we will never fail. We must have hope.

We must teach absolute truths as absolute truths are the only means of keeping this great nation together.