Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scott Walker: A republican with balls

Scott Walker is the governor of Wisconsin. He has created a blueprint that defeats liberalism, and democrats have called him everything from a racist to a sexist.  Yet he has defeated them time and time again, even winning three elections in four years to remain as Wisconsin's governor.

He had all the powers of the democratic party throwing every tactic they had at him.  He had unions against him.  He had the Federal judiciary against him.  Yet instead of appeasing them, he continued on and stood up to them.  He knew what he wanted to do and he trudged forward with his agenda.

This is a lesson to be learned by the republican base.  Here the republicans won in one of the most massive midterm landslides in 2014, and instead opposing Obama's agenda tooth and nail, they work to compromise with him.  Instead of opposing Obama's amnesty agenda, they try to compromise and write their own amnesty laws.  If the people wanted them to compromise with democrats, they would have just elected democrats.

What this country needs is not for someone to cater to the conservative base of the republican party, only to give in and cater to democrat causes once elected.  We need someone like Scott Walker, someone who stands up and fights for the cause of liberty.

Right now we are at a time in this country where have seen the progressive agenda for all it is, and they are tired of it.  We have legislatures writing laws forcing us to take certain actions because, as they say, "it's for our own good."  Yet such laws are the antithesis of liberty, as they force us to sacrifice our liberties.

Walker's agenda for Wisconsin was to defeat liberalism at the core.  He attacked the way they ran schools, he attacked their school curriculum, he attacked unions and the way they were ruining Wisconsin.  He fixed them.  He got Wisconsin running again.

And for his reward he was attacked tooth and nail by all the powers of the democratic party.  They hated him, and did everything they could to destroy his image.  Yet the people of Wisconsin stood behind him all the way.

His objective was to defeat them, in their schools, in their school curriculum, in the way the unions, public and private, were ruining Wisconsin, and he has succeeded.

This is exactly the kind of person the republican party needs as its leader.  This is exactly why Scott Walker is leading in early polling for republican for president. Republicans need someone with balls, and Scott Walker has balls.

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