Friday, November 24, 2017

Tax Cuts Increase Government Revenue

A typical myth used as a scare tactic.
This one was created to dissuade voters
from supporting the Bush tax cuts
in 2001. Which, by the way,
increased government revenue.
There are so many myths out there it isn’t even funny. A common one revolves around tax cuts. Every time Republicans propose tax cuts, you have democrats chiming: “How are we going to pay for it? We can’t afford tax cuts.”

Why not. For one thing, why can’t the government do with less? The entire premise of a tax cut is that the government can go with less. If you have less money, then you cut waste. Where is there waste in government? There’s lots of waste in government. Cut the frickin waste. If a job isn’t needed, cut it. If a department isn’t needed. Cut it.

Reagan cut taxes. Reagan also increased spending on national defense to win the cold war. God forbid. The tax cut inspired an economic boom. By the end of the 1980s, the national debt was sky high. Democrats blamed the Reagan tax cuts. They failed to blame their reneging on their promise to cut spending.

Still, even without spending cuts, tax cuts pay for themselves. With more money in their pockets, people have more money to spend. This boosts the economy. Able to keep more money, businesses, and industries have more money to play with. They can hire more workers. They can open new plants and hire even more workers. They can offer higher wages to keep their best workers. They can offer higher wages to draw in the best workers.

This creates more jobs. The end result is more taxpayers. More taxpayers equals more revenue.

Think of it this way. When you want to buy clothes, where do you go? What stores do you shop at? You shop at the store with the lowest prices. You look for bargains. You look for sales. You try to buy the lowest priced items. You go to the store with the lowest prices. You go to Walmart. You go to Amazon if they have better prices.

When you're shopping, you try to get the best deals. This way your money goes farther. You can buy more with it. You can get more stuff. Or you can keep more of your savings if you want. You can save. You can get out of debt. There are so many options.

Taxes are the same as store prices.

When you go to a yard sale what do you do? You see something for $20, you say, “Would you take $15?” More often than not they accept your lower price. If the product is 50 cents, you just pay the 50 cents. This is because it’s not worth your time to bargain for such a low price.

Taxes are the same way. If they are high, you find ways to get around paying them. It’s worth your time to bargain. When they are low, you just pay them.

The end result is the government makes more money off tax cuts than with tax hikes. When taxes are low the government makes more money. You have more taxpayers. You have fewer people trying to find ways to hide their money and not pay high taxes. You have more money coming into the government.

I can give you three real-life examples. You have the Warren G. Harding/ Calvin Coolidge tax cuts of the 1920s. You have the Kennedy tax cuts in the 1960s. And you have the Reagan tax cuts in the 1980s. They all resulted in an economic boom. They all nearly doubled the national income over the ensuing ten years.

There you go. I just put an end to the myth that tax cuts cost too much. I put an end to the myth that you have to find a way to pay for tax cuts. I just put an end to the myth you can't afford tax cuts.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

What Makes The U.S. Constitution Special?

There is one question that every person should know about the U.S. Constitution by the 5th grade, if not sooner. Do you know what it is?

What is it that makes the U.S. Constitution special?

Answer: The U.S. Constitution is the only constitution that tells the government what it cannot do, while all other Constitutions tell the government what it can do.

It's that simple.

The founding fathers clearly understood that our rights come from God. They do not come from government. They do not come from any document. People are born free. They are born with natural rights.

So, the founding fathers understood this. This is why they made it so the Constitution told the government what it could not do. They wanted to make sure the government couldn't make any law to take away natural rights and liberties.

That is why we have checks and balances. That's why we have the filibuster. That's why it is so hard to pass laws. It's because the founding fathers wanted to make sure the government didn't pass laws that took away freedoms.

The Constitution doesn't give anybody any rights. What the Constitution does is it guarantees them. Rights are natural. They cannot be taken away. They can only be denied. The Constitution makes sure they cannot be denied.

The founding fathers knew that if the Constitution gives you your rights, then they can be taken away. Our Constitution acknowledges the truth: that rights come from God. In that sense, they cannot be taken away, not even by the government.

The Constitution doesn't give you the right to speak out against your government, it guarantees this right. The Constitution doesn't give you the right to bear arms, it guarantees it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why do men watch football?

Why is it that men watch football anyway? Why do we watch baseball? Why does anyone watch sports? It's not because we want to see a diverse group of people. It's not because we want to hear someone talking about politics. It's not because of any of that.

Football is an escape. It's a fantasy. It's a time when men, and women too, can pretend that they are on the field. It's a time we can live out our dreams vicariously through other men. It's a time when we can forget about all the other factors in life and just watch football.

That's what it's all about. It's a time when you don't have to worry about impressing a boss. It's a time you don't have to worry about impressing your spouse. It's a time you don't have to worry about being a parent. It's a time you don't have to worry about who the President is.

We don't care about diversity. We don't care if a quarterback or a running back is white or black. We don't care how many black coaches have won Super Bowls. All we care about is whether the quarter back or running back is good. All we care about is winning.

It's a time to just sit back, relax, and watch football. That's it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Country Before Family?

I was taught at a young age the priorities of life: God, Country, Spouse, Children, Other People, Other Things. One of my friends recently tried to tell me that country does not come before spouse. I beg to differ.

And these priorities change during the course of your life. For instance, in childhood, your parents would replace spouse. When you're a kid you respect your parents; you do what your parents tell you to do before you do what you want to do.

And, to further add to this, these are priorities handed down by the Bible. My point is, they weren't just made up.

So, anyway, my friend said that spouse comes before country. I blew that statement right out of the water. I said, "If spouse comes before country, then we would have no country. If you have no country, then you have no marriage."

"Oh, that ain't true," my friend said.

I said, "Think of it this way. Say all men and women were married at the age of 17. At the age of 18, your country calls you to battle. If marriage came before country, no one would be available to fight. So, in order to prevent chaos, the country has to come before your spouse."

Either way, this is debated across the Internet spectrum. Many people put family before country. Some polls show people put family before country. However, a 2010 poll found that Americans tend to put country before family.

But I'm not concerned about polls. The opinion of the masses doesn't matter when you're standing at the pearly gates of Heaven. What matters is what God wants. What matters is common sense. And common sense says that if you put your family before country, chaos is a potential outcome.

This is not to say you shouldn't love your family. A family is very important. Studies overwhelmingly show the benefits of having a mom and a dad. However, the country has to come first.

You have to defend liberty whenever it needs to be defended. And what nation is the greatest proponent of liberty in the history of the world? It is America. As Patrick Henry once chimed, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Let's Talk Diversity

There is a lot of talk in this nation about racism. However, it appears to me that the people in this country who are the most racist are the anti-racist people themselves. Allow me to explain.

Let's start with diversity. The whole goal of diversity is to have colleges or work places or neighborhoods or countries that have people of all races, sexes, and religions and political views. Right?

Well, not really, because they don't want Catholics or Christians. They don't want Republicans, at least not conservative Republicans. And, even my son says, if you walked around the U of M campus with a Trump hat you'd probably be shot dead in your tracks.

I am all for diversity. Diversity is fine. Diversity is good. But diversity is not good if it is fake. And, when you become a diverse campus because you are racist yourself, it's not good.

How about an example. Martin Luthor King Jr. said that you should hire people based on the content of their character, or based on their qualifications, and not based on the color of their skin. I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like that.

But that's not what they do at the U of M. They accept so many white people, and then they start accepting people of other races who may not be as qualified just because of their skin color. 

That's how they got diversified.

To me, you have, say, 50,000 applications to go to your college, and you accept the 50,000 most qualified students to attend your college. And, whatever skin color they so happen to be, it does not matter. Skin color does not matter. Sex doesn't matter. Religion does not matter. Political affiliation doesn't matter.

But it does matter, to them. It does matter to the people who say we aren't diversified enough. And to them, a little racism is okay so long as they are advancing their agenda.

But it's not okay. It's wrong. It creates fake diversity.

That's how I see this issue. I think that I am the one who is the least racist. I think conservative politicians are less racist than liberal ones because conservatives believe in Martin Luthor King Jr. vision of a color free society.

You see, by creating diversity by allowing or accepting a certain kind of racism is racism in and of itself. It is the definition of racism. Affirmative action is racism. Identity politics is racism. Quotas are racist.

And yet conservatives are called racist. We are called racist because we are against affirmative action, identity politics, quotas, etc. We want a color blind society. We want people to be hired by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Diversity is why Democrats want to allow illegal immigrants into our country. They believe, the way we became great, was the influx of immigrants into our nation. They believe we became great because of these immigrants. They believe we became great because of documents like the Constitution.

That is not the truth, however. The truth is that America did not become great because of immigrants. We did not become great because of diversity. We did not gain our freedom and become great due to any document.

We became great because of freedom and liberty. And no document can create that. Freedom and liberty are gifts handed down from God. We are all born free, and no government can take that freedom away -- although it can deny it.

And, again, that is why America is great -- because we do not deny you your freedom. About 99% of governments before the U.S. Constitution was signed denied 99% of people their freedom. This is why America is great because people are free to dream and to take risks.

Diversity has nothing to do with greatness. Diversity has nothing to do with freedom. In fact, as Rush Limbaugh said, "Diversity did not make America Great."

Here's part of what Rush Limbaugh had to say about this:
"Diversity had nothing to do with America’s greatness. America’s greatness had everything to do with morality and values and people’s commitment to excellence and their desire to overcome tyranny, particularly religious tyranny. It had nothing to do with the way they looked or what their hair was or any of that! But that’s how people look at it. “What makes America great is our diversity,” and it’s silly, and it’s insulting to people, to say that the only thing that matters about them is their skin color!... The only thing that matters about them is their heritage? Those are identifiable characteristics but they have nothing to do with the kind of person someone is. Unless people are talked into letting those things speak for them rather than who they are, and that’s one of the inherent dangers of all of this.
We became great not because of diversity, but because we became the first country not to deny the inalienable rights handed down from the Lord thy God.

If you really get down to it, there is no diversity at schools like the U of M. There is no diversity of thought. And there is no diversity of thought in the media. And there is no diversity of thought on ESPN.

That's why they are all tanking. Rather than hiring the best of the best, they are hiring people based on the color of their skin. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Country Is Under Assault

Are we into a second civil war. I mean, it's almost like it's an all out hate and war when you bring up politics with those of whom do not agree with you. It's a battle between Democrats and Republicans, and more specifically, between Liberals and Conservatives.

Liberals believe that we need to take care of all the needy people, and the cost doesn't matter. They believe we are a large enough country that we can afford it. They believe if you don't want to help the needy, that you are inconsiderate and mean.

Conservatives believe that what's most important is protecting freedom and liberty. They believe that if we grow government too large in our attempts to take care of the needy, that the cost is freedoms and liberties. The more control the government has, the more freedoms and liberties are taken from the people.

So, this is the battle. It has grown ever so intense. It's almost as though you can no longer have a civil discussion about politics with someone who disagrees with you on issues.

If you are a conservative like me, you know you are in the mainstream. You are a person who supports the idea that liberties come from God, not documents. That documents can only deny these liberties, they cannot take them away.

We are now under attack from within. Their objective is to destroy the United States. They don't want it to be a Super Power anymore. They believe that America is the cause of all that is wrong with the world, as opposed to the solution to all the problems. They believe that American wealth comes at the cost of the wealth of other nations. They believe other nations are poor at the because of the U.S., mainly because there is only so much money to go around, and the U.S. is hogging it all up.
Here is a quote from Rush Limbaugh after the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, where many Civil War Statues were vandalized and no one was arrested. Rush said:

Now, folks, in order to defend America, which I believe is incumbent upon all of us, in order to defend America, you have to begin knowing our history. If you’re gonna defend the United States of America, you have to know our history. You have to know the purpose of the United States of America. You have to know unequivocally and proudly the United States’ place in history. And that is why erasing and distorting our history is crucial for the left to succeed.
None of this that is happening on the left is random. None of the riots, none of the protests. They are not the result of the left being offended by individual acts. Antifa didn’t show up in Charlottesville because they found out something was going to happen that offended them. They showed up in Charlottesville to create mayhem and cause hell. They showed up in Ferguson, Missouri, to do the same thing.
They showed up in Baltimore to do the same thing — and wherever they show up today and tomorrow and next week, it’s by design, on purpose, has an objective and an agenda. And that agenda is to erase American history. That agenda is to distort, erase, and impugn our history. It is crucial if they are to succeed. Because, you see, if enough Americans can be persuaded that America, as founded, is unjust — if enough Americans can be persuaded that America, as founded, is inherently racist and immoral and illegitimate — then it will be all that much easier to erase America as founded.
The two go hand in hand, which is the objective of all of these groups on the left. Whatever they’re called and wherever they go and however they organize and whatever their day-to-day purpose, their objective is to erase the history of America. It’s to restate it, to recharacterize it in such a way as to convince a majority of Americans that their country is illegitimate and has been from the get-go — is unjust and racist and bigoted and has been from the get-go.
If enough Americans can be persuaded of all of that — that America is inherently racist, that America is and has been a lie — then it’s over. That is the objective, and we are in the midst of it. Sometimes you’re so close to the forest you don’t see the trees. That’s what we are in the midst of here: An ongoing effort to erase America by discrediting the entire premise of our culture, our history, our founding. The objective is to create in as many American minds as possible that America, as founded, is not worth defending. Serious times.

You have to know American history. You have to know the purpose. You have to know America’s place in history. You have to know why 56 men risked their lives and their fortunes and their sacred honor to declare independence from the tyranny of the day. You have to know why they did that. You have to know what they faced. You have to have a deep appreciation for your individual personal liberty. You have to have a deep appreciation for the history of the world — which is that until the United States came along, that didn’t exist as a charter of government.
There were people that had individual liberty and freedom. They ran tyrannical countries, they ran authoritarian countries, they ran dungeons, or they were wealthy elite. But the vast majority of human beings who have lived on this planet have never come close to knowing what life is like in the United States of America. But around the world today and since our founding, everybody alive does know and tries to get here — temporarily, permanently, what have you.
And yet all of it is under assault and being rewritten with the theme being that this country is not worth it, that it is deeply flawed. America is not worth defending. It’s inherently racist and unjust.
That is from August 18, 2017, edition of the Rush Limbaugh show.  I think he pretty much hit the nail on the head. I have listened to the podcast to that show over and over again, and can't seem to get enough of it. It is so true. Here is the rest of the transcripts if you're interested, and even a convenient podcast so you can listen.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Obamacare Popular? Phoey!

One of my liberal friends tried to convince me that Obamacare was popular. He tried to convince me that polls showed that more people wanted Obamacare than opposed it.

That's a funny thing, I said because those polls sure were accurate in 2016. They sure were accurate when they predicted Hillary would win.

And if Obamacare is so popular, I said, why is it that, since Congress invested all their political capital passing Obamacare, Democrats have lost over a thousand state and federal seats. They have lost the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. They have lost so many governorships, and control of so many state Congress's, that they only control 4 states.

And this is all since Obamacare passed. So, how is that for proof that Obamacare is popular with the people. The only people Obamacare is popular with are the special interests who benefit off of it.