Presidents/ Great Statesmen

Presidents: (My ranking of the presidents)

1.    George Washington: The First Election (1879)
1.    George Washington: The best president
2.    John Adams: The first vice president
2.    John Adams: The first big government president
3.    Thomas Jefferson: A Small Government President
3.    Thomas Jefferson: What he meant by 'Wall of Separation'
4.    James Madison: The first war president.
4.    James Madison versus the 17th amendment
5.    James Monroe: The last unopposed president
6.    John Quincy Adams: Raised to be President
7.    Andrew Jackson: The first Tea Party President
8.    Martin Van Buren: A most significant president
8.    Martin Van Buren prevents annexation of Texas
9.    William Henry Harrison: An average president
9.    William Henry Harrison: a man who would become 'Old Tippecanoe'
9.    William Henry Harrison: A Public Relations Success
10.  John Tyler: A Champion of State's Rights
11.  James K. Polk: The Last Jacksonian President
12.  Zachary Taylor: Country first, slavery second
13.  Millard Fillmore: A supporter of slave states
14.  Franklin Pierce: 'Bleeding Kansas'
15.  William Buchanan: The last pro-slavery president
16.  Abraham Lincoln: The first republican was not a conservative
17.  Andrew Johnson: Libertarian ideas
17.  Andrew Johnson: A lucky-unlucky president
18.  Ulysses S. Grant: Rebuilding a nation
18.  Ulysses S. Grant: The Scandals (started writing)
19.  Rutherford B. Hayes: The end of reconstruction
20.  James A. Garfield: A moderate among Stalwarts and Half Breeds
21.  Chester A. Arthur: The First Birther Vice President/ President
21.  Chester A. Arthur: A laid back reformer
22.  Grover Cleveland: The last classical liberal
22.  Grover Cleveland: 12 facts about the last classical liberal
23.  Benjamin Harrison: A Protectionist President
24.  Grover Cleveland Vetoes Texas Seed Bill
24.  Grover Cleveland could have done what FDR later did
25.  William McKinley: Entering the World Scene
26.  Teddy Roosevelt: The first progressive president
26.  Teddy Roosevelt: The Stewardship Theory
27.  William Howard Taft: The last liberal conservative
28.  Woodrow Wilson: The first imperial president
29.  Warren G. Harding creates roaring 20s
30.  Calvin Coolidge leads roaring 20s
31.  Hoover leads decline of economy
32.  FDRs policies prolonged Great Depression
32.  FDRs Second Bill of Rights
32.  FDR created the modern economy
32.  FDR: How he kept getting re-elected (coming soon)
33.  Harry S. Truman: A good wartime president
33.  Harry S. Truman: Truman squeeks past Dewey
33.  Harry S. Truman: The Fair Deal and the Liberal Version
33.  Harry S. Truman: The foreign policy and the Conservative Version
34.  Dwight David Eisenhower: A Moderate Republican in Peacetime
35.  John F. Kennedy: The last conservative president
36.  Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Great Liberal Society (coming soon)
37.  Richard Nixon truly was 'Tricky Dickey"
37.  The honorable Nixon put country before himself
38.  Gerald R. Ford: A "conservative" at the wrong time
39.  Jimmy Carter: A great man, a horrible president
40.  Ronald Reagan: The rise of a great man
40.  Ronald Reagan: Reaganomics
40.  Ronald Reagan and the booming 1980s
40.  Ronald Reagan: How the Berlin Wall fell
40.  Reagan's Campaign caused fall of Berlin Wall
41.  George H.W. Bush: "Read my lips: No new taxes!"
42.  William Jefferson Clinton: A good fiscal president, bad role model
43.  George W. Bush: Has he been vindicated?
44.  Barack Hussein Obama: The perfect president?
44.  Barack Hussein Obama: His perfect war
44.  Barack Hussein Obama:  Does he like America?
44.  Barack Hussein Obama: Why he uses ISIL and not ISIS
44.  Barack Obama: Spinning economic news, again
44.  Barack Hussein Obama: List of Obama Scandals
44.  Barack Hussein Obama: The Dismal Statistics
45.  Donald J. Trump: A real person
45.  Donald J Trump: Gaining momentum, and here's why
45.  Donald J. trump: The ????? Statistics (won't be published until 2020)

Famous Statesmen:
  1. Ben Franklin's 13 Subjects
  2. Henry Clay: Father of the Whig Party
  3. John C Calhoun: A nationalist turned states rights advocate
  4. Daniel Webster
  5. Robert Lafollete. 
  6. Arthur Vandenberg
  7. Robert Wagner
  8. Senator Albert J. Beveridge: Buddies with Teddy Roosevelt?
  9. Senator Robert A. Taft: Opposing Truman's Foreign Policy (not written)
  10. Robert A. Taft: The Senator who saved capitalism (6-19/17)
  11. Senator Joseph McCarthy: He was right after all
  12. Pat Buchanan: The birth of nationalism, populism
  13. Hillary Clinton: Not (written yet)