Friday, September 12, 2014

Does Obama like America?

Kennedy was a true leader who was proud of his country.
One must wonder what Obama truly thinks of his country.
I discussed a while ago that progressives have no idea what American exceptionalism is.  What they believe is best summed up by Obama himself:
"I believe in American exceptionalism just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism."
Obama recently said:
I believe in American exceptionism with every fiber of my being. But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law. It is our willingness to affirm them through our actions.
So, he said in the first quote that we are not better than any other nation, and in the second quote he flat out says that "America sucks."  He says, paraphrasing, "How can we be world leaders when we don't behave properly.

He said in a commencement speech to the Cadettes at West Point, a speech to the military about foreign, where he said that the U.S. military will be out of Afghanistan within a year (to give our enemies ample time to sit back and wait for that day to come):
American influence is always stronger when we lead by example. We can't exempt ourselves from the rules that apply to everybody else. We can't call on others to make commitments to combat climate change if a whole lot of our political leaders deny that it's taking place.problems in the South China Sea when we have refused to make sure that the Law of the Sea Convention is ratified by your United States Senate, despite the fact that our top military leaders say the treaty advances our national security. That's not leadership. That's retreat. That's not strength. That's weakness.
Maybe Congress does not sign the "Law of the Sea treaty because they do not believe it will help the United States?  Do you know when this treaties was open to signature?  It was in 1982.  So, how many Presidents, how many members of Congress, refused to sign away American liberties since that time, by not signing the treaties?

Obama, in essence, is saying that America stinks, that if leaders in Washington don't give up our liberties for the good of the planet, then we are no better than any other nation.  He is saying that we are not a superpower if we cannot be perfect in our own right.  He is saying that when we act like a superpower without being perfect ourselves, that we are hypocrites.

Of course, here he is giving a speech on foreign policy, and he says that we cannot be world leaders unless republicans give in on their principles and sign on to treaties that will end climate change.  He's saying we cannot lead when we are not perfect ourselves.

Truth is, America has never been perfect, and we've been brilliant world leaders in the past.  We were not perfect (had slavery) when we won the Revolutionary War.  We were not perfect (killed our own brothers) when we won the Civil war. We were not perfect (political fighting among ourselves) when we fought in Vietnam.  We were not perfect (political fighting among ourselves) when we fought in Iraq -- twice.

So, we have never been a perfect nation, as there is no such thing. That's the whole problem with progressivism and liberalism is that they think they can create a perfect society.  Now Obama is implying that he wants us to wait until that day before we can be world leaders.

He wants republicans to do this even though they understand that there is no evidence humans are destroying the planet, and signing on to such treaties would take away liberties.  I hate to say this again, but no democratic nation should ever allow those in power to vote to take away the liberties of other people (actually, it was Ron Paul who said it).

We must continue to ask ourselves, "Does Obama Hate America?"  Does he think that America stinks? I'd hate to say this is what I believe, although if we go by his own words, you'd be hard pressed to think otherwise.  When you listen to Obama's West Point Speech (which I recommend you do by clicking here), you cant help but to think that Obama has a problem with our country.

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