Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Liberal ESPNFL trying to get Roger Goodell to resign

So you had Ray Rice beat his wife and drag her unconscious body from an elevator at a casino, where there are video cameras everywhere.  The entire thing was on video, and yet all Ray Rice initially got was a two game suspension.

So then you have the media complaining that the punishment Ray Rice got was an insult.

So then all of a sudden the NFL comes out and says it finally saw the video inside the elevator, the one of him hitting his wife, and they indefinitely suspend him and the Ravens fire him.

So, all should be good and well, right?

Wrong?  We are talking about the liberal media here.  If anything, the media, ESPNFLL (ESPN-National Football League Liberals), should be rejoicing that the NFL finally woke up and gave this jerk his due punishment.

Yet they are not.  Instead, they are out and about trying to force Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, to resign.  They are also putting pressure on Ravens owner Ozzie Newsome to sell the team, and coach Jim Harbaugh should also be forced to resign.

They say there is no way they didn't see both videos right away, which, by the way, is probably true. I mean, Roger Goodell looks to me as though he is lying through his teeth every time I hear him say anything about the Ray Rice incident and how it was handled.

So the media finally gets what it wants, and then they are still not happy.

This is the same liberal media that defended Bill Clinton tooth and nail even after there was evidence that he did have sex with that woman.  They defended Bill Clinton because they agreed with his agenda. They love Bill Clinton no matter what he does; he can do no wrong.

This is the same liberal media that defended the Reverend Jessie Jackson when he was unfaithful to his wife.  They defended the Reverend because they agreed with his agenda.  They love the Reverend no matter what he does; he can do no wrong.

So as long as the offending person has the ability to move forward the liberal agenda it doesn't matter if they do wrong.  But be it someone who does not have that power, then that person ought to be impeached.

Ray Rice had a terrible year last year, and chances are he would have been equally bad this year.  His statistics have been in decline.  But that doesn't matter, because he ought to punished to the full extent of the law.  Justice was served the day he was fired by the Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

Well, not complete justice, because he has yet to face jail time.  And, of course, his wife is defending him tooth and nail, saying that she loves him and all.  That's just her being in denial.  This woman needs help to stay with a thug like that.

But ESPNFL and TMZ and other such liberal outlets are now out to get Roger Goodell removed from his job, and they want to do it despite not offering the same treatment to other men who committed crimes against women.

I'm not even saying Roger Goodall isn't guilty of what he is being accused of.  I agree that he should resign.  I think he should have resigned the day he gave Ray Rice a two game suspension, while other players who committed lesser crimes were suspended for four games (Wes Welker) and even a full season (J. Gordon).

The NFL is guilty as sin here.  You have the coach of the Ravens saying he saw the video for the first time and it changed things.  Bullshit! Rice and his wife even admitted to what had happened, and they gave him only a 2 game suspension. The videos were out and about all along, so you can't tell me the NFL didn't have access to them.

Janay Rice is the victim here, but she is standing by her man.  Why? Could money be the reason?  I think she thinks that if she left her man she would no longer get the glory and the fame and the money would be gone.  She is a victim here.  It's not easy to leave a comfort zone, even when that comfort zone is being married to a thug.

Nobody is talking about the games on ESPNFL, they are talking about Ray Rice beating up his wife and how the NFL didn't do enough.  They are salivating over this stuff.  They love it.

Ray Rice got fired from Nike.  The Ravens are trying to clear the memory of Ray Rice by getting rid of his jerseys and offering free exchanges for people who want to return Ray Rice jerseys they already bought.

This is not good.  But ESPNFL loves it.  The liberal media loves it; this is what they live for. Get ready for them to be talking about this for days, weeks, and even months to come.