Monday, September 15, 2014

God created free choice and capitalism

I want to tell you something about socialism and capitalism, and God and the Devil, and Goodness and Sin.  These are things that many people will try to convince you are not true, but they are.

First of all, socialism (liberalism, progressivism, communism, totalitarianism) is a form of government where experts (mostly socialist experts) believe you are not smart enough to make responsible decisions, so they make decisions for you. They decide what is best for you. People never have to strive for perfection because the experts decide for you what perfection is.

Capitalism (conservatism, liberatarianism) is a form of government where a government exists only to protect the people, who are given complete and total control of their own lives.  The people are allowed to make decisions, although are forced to take responsibility for their actions.  If they succeed, they are allowed to reap the rewards.  If they do poorly, they will be forced to suffer, or to try to do better. Since perfection is what the people perceive it to be, they will always strive for it.

When God created the world and put people in it, He very well could have made everyone do exactly what he wanted.  He could have made it so we were all the same, with no chance to improve upon the world.

He didn't, because what kind of a world would it be if we were all the same? It would be a very boring, non-productive world.  We would not be able to improve upon it. There would be no purpose in living if we were all the same.  He might as well not even have made us.

Basically, what God decided not to create was a socialistic world.  He decided not to make a progressive or liberal world.  He decided not to make a communist world.  He knew that a world where everyone was the same, where all the choices were already made by an elite power (in this case Him), would make for a bunch of lazy, non-productive people.

If you think about it, mankind has tried over and over and over and over and over again to create a socialistic society, and it has failed every time.  You can look back at nearly every ancient society, and they all eventually failed.  You can look at the Pilgrims after they traveled to the United States, as their leaders failed to incite productivity until after they inculcated the values of the Bible and capitalism.  You can look at recent examples in Russia and the Soviet Union.  You can look at any totalitarian dictatorship that has ever existed.  You can look at any oppressed nation, any third world nation, and you will see some form of socialist government, and failure.

God new that socialism would never work, which is why he gave us all natural rights and free will and liberty.  He gave us the ability to choose, and to take accountability for our actions.  He knew this would result in sin and chaos, but he also new this would result in many great things.  He new out of chaos would come great inventions, many of which we take for granted today such as philosophy, medicine, electricity, plastic, computers, Internet, television, cable television, automobiles, glass, microwaves, photography, and flight.

Most of the greatest discoveries and inventions came as a result of governments that inspired free thought, or a way of life that inculcates freedom and personal responsibility as inculcated by the Bible.  In other words, the Bible is about making the individual better, not about making the state or collective better.  The Bible preaches individual responsibility and accountability.  In other words, the world can become better by making the individual better.  This is sort of the pretext of what would later form the basis of American freedom and American exceptionalism; a form of government that allowed individuals with an idea and a desire to go as far in life as they could, rather than being limited by their government or some government leader, such as a king, queen, or dictator.

God gave us all free will.  He made it so that we had the ability to choose, and he made it so we had to take responsibility for our choices. If we wanted to, we could work hard to make the world better.  Yet at the same time, we could be selfish and greedy and work to make the world better for ourselves.  In other words, we could choose God, or we could choose Sin.

In other words, God was the first conservative.  Sin, Satin and Socialism were created out of the chaos as a means of controlling mankind and converting men away from God.

A perfect modern example of this is Stalin. He even said once that he was a Christian man himself, but he could not allow his people to worship God and his Bible because the Bible preaches Capitalism.  So he banned religion, and he burned all the Bibles and churches.

The people of Russia were not happy, so in order to keep the people from leaving communism, he oppressed his people by telling them lies about the free world and making them feel as though they had it well in Communist Russia.  The same still holds true for Communist China today: the people are not happy, but they are oppressed and told lies so they believe they have it well under the rule of a dictator, who lives well in his mansions.

The Communists built the Berlin wall, but they didn't build it to prevent people from coming in, because they wanted people to come it.  They built it to keep people from getting out, because they knew no one wanted to be controlled by the government.  You see, this was exactly why God did not choose socialism, and he gave us free will instead, because he did not want to have to build walls to keep us here.

The United States was and is the greatest example of capitalism that has ever existed.  American exceptionalism means that for 99.9% of human existence most people lived under oppressed dictatorship and were not allowed to be free.  The United States was the first nation ever that allowed for unfettered freedom under the promise that the government would never take away any of the natural rights given to the people by God.  This is why God blesses America with so much greatness.

Why do you think 40 percent of liberals (progressives, socialism) in the United States say that they do not believe in God and His Bible?  The reason is because socialism cannot exist with the Bible.  The two do not go hand in hand, because God preaches capitalism.  So long as any person worships God's Bible, unfettered socialism cannot exist.

It is for this reason that they don't allow prayer in schools, and work hard to take away divinity scenes from public places.  It is for this reason that they try to convince people there is not God, and that science cannot exist in a world with God and His Bible.  The truth is, they do this not because they love you, but because they thing you are inferior to them. They do this because they want to control you and drive you toward satin.

The truth is, God can exist with science, and God can exist with evolution and God can exist throughout the world.  God is freedom is liberty is free choice is personal responsibility and is accountability.  God is the antithesis of chaos: He is success, and he is capitalism.

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