Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obama's perfect war

Dozens of enclaves of Islamic radical jihadists were bombed into rubble by U.S. warplanes that roared over the Syrian border on Tuesday.  The person ordering the assault was President Obama, who is perhaps the most anti-war president we have ever had.  

Despite the attacks, however, the media has been relatively silent; so far there have been no body counts; no civilian casualty lists. 

So far the anti-war protesters are spending their time as global warming, animal rights, and feminist protesters.  One might wonder if the anti-war cause is burned out and needs more time to regenerate, especially after eight years of George W. Bush.  

Now that Obama is the one in charge of the war effort, it seems possible that his war to end all wars might just be the most perfect war ever.  Every war ever fought in the history of the world has required ground forces to take stuff away from the enemy in order to secure the land, but Obama insists they won't be needed to win this war. 

Obama is the first military leader ever to have figured a way to win a war without ground troops.  He will do it with no war casualties, because if there are any there will be no body counts.  There will be no civilian casualties, because even if there are any they won't make the front pages.  

Where are all the people who believe nonviolent methods could have been used to negotiate with these terrorists?  Where are all the doves?