Thursday, February 12, 2015

College not a qualification for president

There are people trying to discredit a possible Scott Walker Presidential run because he didn't finish college.  What these people fail to recognize is most of the people who made this country great, and that includes most of our past presidents, did not have college degrees.

As I've written before, education is good, but where you get your education can corrupt you.  It's certain colleges that instruct students how to build a large bureaucracy and how to maintain it, and they don't teach people how to solve problems.

So just because someone came out of college does not qualify them to be president.  Nor does not going to college disqualify a person to be president.

This kind of reminds me of a story a patient of mine told me once.  He said that his teacher rapped a long ruler on his desk and woke him out of a stupor.  The teacher said, "If you don't start paying attention in class and stop looking out that window, you are never going to amount to anything."

The student, my patient, said, "I have to watch my trucks out there.  I have a successful trucking business and I have to make sure no one steals my trucks."

My own grandpa dropped out of high school, and he started a very successful car lot.  My dad dropped out of college, and he expanded this car lot to include American Motors and eventually Chrysler.  My grandpa ended up retiring early and spending his winters in Florida golfing, and my dad now does the same.

You see, there are ways of obtaining an education besides going to school.  There are many self-made successful stories.  You can just do a Google search of famous and very successful Americans who did not go to college and you will come up with an infinite list to prove my point.

Scott walker has been a very successful governor, and he would make a great president.  The questions should not be whether or not he went to college, but whether he is conservative enough to lead the country to greatness.