Friday, February 13, 2015

Mike Huckabee: Dead Christians Would Vote For Him

Mike Huckabee is a former ordained minister.  He is also a former governor of Arkansas, which provided him with the executive experience many say is needed to be an effective president.  He was a TV show host on Fox News, giving him the name recognition.

Could you imagine if this guyt won the nomination?  Whether you agree with him on all the issues or not, he would be a very viable presidential candidate.  There is not doubt in the world about his credibility as a Christian, so I bet he would have the Christian community coming out of the woodwork to vote for him.

Heck, I bet you'd have Christians coming back from the dead to vote for him just like the dead voted in past elections.

Just to give an example of how  Huckabee candacy might work, you should check out this video.