Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You can't solve problems with good intentions and money, or how democrats screwed up education and healthcare

It's been in the news the past few days that some democratic Congressmen are outraged that their constituents are going to have to pay a stiff penalty for not having health insurance by the deadline that has passed now.  In fact, the penalty is going to be much higher than originally reported, and these democrats are just beside themselves that this could happen.

How could they be? They voted for it.  These are the people that are supposed to have read the bill, liked what they saw (it's a big F#$%ing deal, mouthed Vice President John Kerry at the signing of th bill).  These are the same people who told their constituents everything they wanted to hear in order for them to support Obamacare.  The said things like:

  • Premiums will go down (they went up)
  • Deductibles will go down (they went up)
  • Out-of-pocket was going to go down (they went up)
All the way around Obamacare has made health insurance more expensive.  So either they lied through their teeth to their constituents in order to gain support for the bill, or they were outright ignorant. 

Either way, this is not good for the country.  It has apparently stunned their constituents who are now stunned that healthcare has gotten more expensive, but it has apparently stunned democrats who voted for it.  

Of course there is a third option, and one might hope to God this is not the case, but it's looking pretty suspicious.  This theory has been noted by some republicans, although blown off by most democrats and anyone else brainwashed by our public school system. 

The theory I'm talking about here is the one where democrats set up Obamacare so that it would fail so that the government could come in and save the day with universal healthcare, something many democrats wanted all along.  

Back in the 1960s our educational system was not perfect, but it was pretty darn good.  Progressives decided they could make it better by creating the Department of Education, throwing more money at it, and making education a Federal Institution.  But instead of making it better they made it worse. Despite money for education being more now that it ever has been, education in the U.S. is ranked worse than many other countries.  

In 2010 the same progressives signed Obamacare thinking they could make healthcare better, and they have ruined that too.  This kind of proves the old adage that you can't solve problems with good intentions and money.  t