Thursday, June 30, 2022

Trump Did Not Cause Division In Our Country

I had a coworker tell me that Donald Trump caused division in our country. I had no choice to call him on it. The people who caused division in our country are democrats. 

Democrats for years have talked down to republicans in an arrogant and condescending way. They have ripped and trashed republicans. And all republicans do is take the high road. 

And, of course, the media paid no attention to democrats when they did this because the media agreed with democrats. And this is because most people in the media are democrats. 

The entire eight years of Bush that's all democrats did was trash him. They trashed him so much they drove his approval numbers into the 30s. And the reason his numbers went down so low is because he refused to defend himself. Like other republicans, he took the high road. He did not defend himself. He even said that it's not his job to defend himself, it's history to do that. 

And here comes Trump. He calls democrats on for what they were. And he was the only republican in modern history to do this. And he did such a great job at it that he was elected president. 

And now democrats have the nerve to say that Trump is the meanest guy and he is the one who caused division in our country. 

I have a good analogy here. There was a man who was married. And his wife for years nagged him. His wife complained about just about everything this guy did. And he took the high road. He never said anything back to his wife. He just kept taking the hits. 

He did this for years and years. He would clean the house. And she would come home and say, "This house looks like shit!  

And finally, after many years of marriage, he hit a wall. He was fed up with how he was being treated. So he decided to talk to her. And a fight ensued. And the wife said, "You are so mean!"

The truth was, that his wife was mean. She was mean to him for years. And the one time he got the nerve to stand up to her, now she calls him mean. 

The same thing with democrats and Trump. Democrats were mean to republicans for years. And finally republicans get Trump. And he calls it how it is. He calls democrats on their skulduggery. And now he's the mean guy who causes division in our country. 

This only happens because the media only reports meanness when it's republicans doing it. Democrats have been doing this for years. If you listen to Fox or conservative media, you are aware of this. But, if all you do is listen to CBC, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc, then you are blind to the truth. Sorry, but it's true. 

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