Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Bible Should Be Taught In School

One of my liberal friends, who contends she is a good Christian (and I have no reason to doubt her claim) said that all republicans do is play on fear. I explained a couple weeks ago how she is right, that fear did create Trump. In fact, we can go further back in time and say that the entire premise of the Bible is that we must "fear" the Lord. My point here is that fear is good. Fear keeps people safe. Fear is what causes people to be prepared.

This kind of reminds me of a another post I wrote a while back. FDR was famous for the quote, "There is nothing to fear except fear itself." I explained how this was not actually a good quote.  A better quote would be, "There is nothing to fear except not being prepared." Imagine if Americans were not so confident during the roaring 20s and, to at least some extent, feared a crash.  If that had happened, then more Americans would have been prepared, thus making themselves resistant to any crash.

I explained to my friend that there is nothing more important than teaching God in school. She said she sees no need for it. I explained that, if God were taught in school, it would cost about half of what it does today. If God was taught in school, if the Bible was taught in school, costly regulations would not be needed to save the environment.

I can say this because the Bible teaches that God created mankind, and God told mankind to take care of the planet, and take care of the beasts on the planet. He said that those who take care of the fig tree shall bear the fruit of that tree. He taught people to be good to one another. He taught people to be prepared and to fear the Lord. He taught people to resist evil and resist the Devil. By doing these things, a person will get to Heaven, which is eternal euphoria.

Until the 1960s, when the department of education was created, parents and teachers controlled what kids learned. A majority wanted their children to learn about the Bible. The cost of education was very little, and the results were great and mighty.

Amid an experiment, liberals decided they could make a great educational system better. So they took away parental and teacher rights and gave eight people in Washington the power to control what kids learned. These eight people decided that God was not needed in school.

This is what made it necessary to teach that theories are real. For instance, this is why they have to teach that global warming is real, even though evidence refutes the basis of it. This is why they have to work to hard to teach kids respect and responsibility, because they did not have access to Biblical teachings.

Teach the Bible and you don't need to create laws to force people to be good  Teach the Bible and progressivism, liberalism, socialism, fascism, Marxism, will not be needed. But, then again, I can see why a liberal wouldn't want the Bible taught, because the Bible teaches capitalism.

A problem with federally funded schools is that parents have no choice but to send their kids to them, or at least this is true for most parents. They do have a choice, but when that choice is between spending thousands on a Christian education and nothing on a public education, this isn't really much of a choice. Most parents are forced to send their kids to the secular public schools.

Truly, the only way to get the Bible back in school is to get rid of the department of education and give the states the right to control what kids are taught. Once the people have power over education again, parents and teachers can decide what kids learn. This system worked for the first 184 years of our country's existence. It will work again.

So, fear is good. The Bible plays on fear in order to encourage people to be good. By inculcating Biblical values to all kids, whether they are at home or in school, will make the world a better place.

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