Thursday, February 25, 2016

Americans are not stupid, despite what the Trump haters say

My wife's cousin put a link on her Facebook page to a Salon article called, "America, you are stupid: Donald Trump's political triumph makes it official -- we're a nation of idiots." This is interesting, because when Obama won, a man with a past linked with terrorists and socialism, you didn't hear conservatives writing articles of how dumb democrats are for electing him.

We didn't call democrat voters stupid. We think they are wrong. We think they want a different course for America than we do. They want to "fundamentally transform America," or move it "forward," while we just want to keep America as it is. But we never, at any point, believed democrats were stupid.  We never once believed that America is stupid for nominating and electing  -- twice by the way -- the most liberal president in American history.

This is one of those cases where, I'm bored today and so much want to respond to this. I want to write: "We're not stupid, just fed up of government elites controlling us and ignoring us." But I was a good boy. I kept my fingers busy doing other things, like writing this blog.