Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Liberal Democrats must be defeated (we cannot work with them)

There is this constant notion that I have to deal with when discussing politics among my friends, and that is that we have to have a candidate who will unify both parties. They say that is why they cannot support Donald Trump, because he is too irrational.

The thing I say to these people, the thing I want them to think about, is this. In fact, I'm not going to use my words here, I'm going to articulate through the words of Rush Limbaugh. He said:
"This whole notion of working together, bringing the country together? We're way past that. We're never... We're not gonna unify with the liberal Democrats. We're not. There's no candidate out there that can forge a kumbaya. These people have to be defeated. They have to be defeated. There's no unity here. There never, really, has been in this country, anyway. It's always been a contest for leadership. 
And this is why the majority of republican voters are so mad at the establishment republicans, because they keep crossing the aisle to support democrat programs. They ran for election in 2014 and 2016 claiming that they will oppose Obamacare and oppose amnesty, and as soon as they get elected they cross the aisle and give Obama everything he wants. I hate to say it, but this is a perfect example of why republican voters hate the republican establishment: if they wanted democrats to win, they'd vote for democrats.

No democrat is going to agree to get rid of all the regulations in the name of the global warming hoax, because they are convinced that there is global warming. In fact, even if global warming is a hoax, they will never admit to it, because they need some sort of global warming scare to convince the people to get their socialist agenda passed. Call it global cooling, global warming, or climate change, the entire purpose of this scam is to convince the American people more government is needed to solve these problems. It's one big, giant scam.

And then you have polls showing that 60% of democrats think socialism is good for America. Socialism is what America has been opposed to since it's inception, or fascism, or progressives, or liberalism, or Communism. It is dressed in many different types of clothing depending on what country it is born it, but it is the same either way: It is a redistribution of wealth through regulations that abdicate freedoms."

So it must be opposed; democrats must be opposed. They must be stopped. The only way to save our country, or get it back, it to annihilate them. We do not need establishment republicans like Jeb Bush in the White House, because he is convinced we must join them in order to get votes. That is why Jeb Bush was forced to drop out of the race for president. This is exactly what created Donald Trump.