Sunday, January 31, 2016

Indeed, fear has created Trump

One of my socialist friends said that Trump plays on fear. I actually denied this during our discussion, although in retrospect I have decided that she was right: Trump does play on fear.

Trump caters to Americans who no longer recognize their country, and who fear losing it. He caters to Americans who fear terrorism, and feel our leaders are doing nothing about it.

You have immigrants coming into this country left and right.  Actually, immigrant refers to those who come into our country legally.  Those who come in illegally are not immigrants, they are invaders. We have no idea who these people are. They have nothing to offer. They are coming here for free stuff. They have no intention of learning English or assimilating.

Most immigrants who have been allowed to come into our country legally over the years are people who have something to offer.  They are lawyers and doctors and scientists.  They are engineers and journalists. They were inventors. They came here and they wanted to become Americans. They were glad to learn English and American history and were more than eager to hang American flags on their front porches.

Invaders have no intention of learning English.  They have no desire to learn American history. They do not care how America was formed.  They have no interest in learning about American Exceptionalism. In fact, some of them hate America, and believe their country is better than America. They are only here to take advantage of our generosity.

And, of course, once they come in, they know our leaders will not enforce immigration laws, and will not kick them out. In fact, there are some leaders in both parties who want to grant amnesty to invaders, even giving them pathways to citizenship.

Democrats want them to become citizens to they will vote for them, and most polls show they would. Democrats need victims, a permanent underclas sincapable of taking care of themselves, incapable of providing for themselves who will always be counted on to vote Democrat to be taken care of by programs created by democrats.  A majority of democrats across the board, both among the voting class and the establishment, support some sort of amnesty for illegal aliens. They feel this is the compassionate thing to do. Or at least that's what they say, because the real reason is that they want their votes.

A majority of republican voters do not support amnesty. To them this is the compassionate thing to do for the majority of Americans who want to preserve the culture that was formed after this country was established. They believe illegal aliens are here illegally, they are destroying our economy, and they are destroying our culture. Yes, it's sad that some people might have their feelings hurt, but they broke the law and they have to go.

The only republicans who support amnesty are among the establishment. They think that in order to continue winning elections they need the Hispanic vote, and the only way to get them is to be seen as the nice guys who supported amnesty. They somehow think that if they support amnesty, by some magical means Hispanics will start voting republican, which is not going to happen.

This is why you have people like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush supporting amnesty. Bush has been pro amnesty all along, along with his older brother George W. Bush. Rubio was a member of the gang of eight who got an amnesty bill through Congress. Other republicans said they would support the Gang of Eight Bill so long as their was an adjunct to the Bill promising that any illegal allowed granted amnesty was not allowed to become a citizen for 10,15,20, or 30 years. The idea was that they would not be allowed to vote for many years down the road, making this Bill not about voting. But nobody in the establishment of either party was interested.

And then you have people like Chuck Schumer saying, "This is not about voting; this is not about citizenship; we are granting amnesty, not citizenship." But they as soon as the bill passes, they are going to start saying things like, "We are allowing them to live here, work here, join our military, and so now that compassionate thing to do is to allow them to become citizens and to allow them to vote." You know that's what's going to happen, because that's how democrats operate.  They lie.

If you don't believe me, look at how Obamacare got passed. They said it was going to lower healthcare costs. They said you can keep your current healthcare program if you liked it. They said healthcare premiums would go down. They said it was going to help the economy. They said it was not a tax. And then as soon as it was passed, the Supreme Court declared that it was a tax. And then healthcare costs went up. And then healthcare premiums went up. And then businesses stopped hiring full time workers and the number of part time jobs skyrocketed. You see, they tell you what you want to hear to get their bills passed, and then when they pass they change their minds. And no one ever calls them on it, but that's a story for another day.

Making matters worse is some people believe the 14th Amendment gives anyone born within our borders automatic citizenship. For this reason pregnant women come into our country to have their children, for free in American hospitals (and these hospitals can't afford it, and some have closed because of it), so their children will gain citizenship. Then they become anchor babies and democrats and republicans alike won't send them nor law breaking families home.

So democrats support amnesty because they need a permanent underclass to create programs for so these people continue to vote democrat, and most republican voters don't understand why the republican establishment would by into this. Voters cannot fathom why any republican would sign onto this, and then you have Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio doing exactly that.

Amnesty would do nothing more than give democrats a permanent voting class, and it would destroy the republican party and it would therefore destroy any culture that's left over from our founding. It would destroy America. Voter hate this idea, and the establishment is saying, "Screw You!" And that is what has created Donald Trump. The republican establishment keeps pushing Amnesty, the voters keep saying they don't want it, and the establishment continues supporting amnesty. Voters are fed up with it, they are angry, and they are supporting an outsider in Trump who says he will, once and for all, remedy the immigration/invasion problem.

They are coming here to take advantage of our country. Yes, we have every reason to be ticked off about this. We have every reason to fear this, and fear that our leaders don't care. And that is why Donald Trump has 42% of the republican vote, because he says he will build a way, and he will deport illegals, and he will do it; people believe he will do it. And so that is why he is so popular. That is the essence of the Trump movement.

And, coming in among them, are people who want to destroy our nation. They are people who establish themselves into our country in order to destroy us, to terrorize us, from within. And despite this fact, our leaders, both republicans and democrats, have done nothing to stop it.  In fact, the invasion has been put on steroids during the Obama administration.

Democrats have created rules that allow illegal immigrants invaders access to many of the programs offered by government, and they surely cannot be turned down by hospitals.  Most of them have no ability to pay their medical bills, and this is a problem because it is illegal for hospitals to turn them down. So our hospitals, or our government, gets stuck paying their medical bills. Some of them have closed their doors, leaving American citizens with no local hospitals.

And the influx of invaders, who are not doctors and lawyers and journalists, who are people who would have something to offer. They are poor people, people who our government allows to have access to food stamps and welfare. This is a huge economic burden, costing us millions of dollars each year.

Added to that is the fact that they are taking jobs Americans would do. But Americans can't take these jobs because the supply of workers is to great that the wages for these jobs have declined so much they are not worth taking. Economics 101 suggests that as the demand for jobs increases and the supply of jobs stays the same, wages decrease.

I think it was Ted Cruz who said that journalists would care if it were journalists coming across the border driving down their wages.  Lawyers would care if it were lawyers coming over driving down the wages for lawyers.

Yes, there is fear here. And making matters worse, you have countries walking all over America. You have our leaders making bad deals with nations like Iran, setting them on a track to obtaining nuclear weapons. Could you imagine if ISIS gets access to such weapons? It's possible.  And our leaders are doing nothing about it.

We also have a national debt that is spiralling out of control, and this problem is only exacerbated by a president who just proposed adding another $4.3 trillion to this debt. And then you have one candidate in Bernie Sanders who proposes for the government to increase taxes by $500 a month so he can hand out more "free stuff" and this only adds to the burden and the fear. It solves nothing. We are already spending money at a faster clip than we can afford, and adding more entitlements only gives more power to those in power, and this does more harm than good.

Adding to this is you have member of the Obama administration making bad deals with climate change activists in Paris to set more global regulations that make it even harder for corporations to make profits. You have so many regulations that it's almost not even worth opening up a new factory in the U.S., because there is so much overhead just to start. This is one reason why corporations like Ford open new factories in Mexico instead of the U.S. Add to this the rising minimum wages and rising costs of healthcare, and it only gets worse.

It seems there is no bottom line any more. There are no limits to immigration, there are no limits to how far taxes can go. There are no limits to social programs. There are no limits to how many regulations can be created. No limit to how many women you can seduce. No limit to who you can marry. No limit on socal values.

There are no rules. There are no limits.

And that is why religion was so important to our nation. That is why immigration and immigration laws were so important, because they assured that, if you come here, you will become one of us and make us better as a nation.  You had something to offer.  Now we just let anyone in, regardless of who you are, regardless of what you have to offer.

There are no limits to social decline. For instance, there are not leaders who say, "Hey, you cannot say that! You cannot do that!"

Even parents are no longer setting limits.  Dads used to set the rules.  Dad's would say things like, "You will not have sex until you are married.  You will go to college.  You will work. You will not lip off.  You will not support communism in this house. You will be a good person. You will say nice things. If you don't, you will get a licking."

The same thing with mothers. My grandma used to click me on the head when I was naughty. She took me to church, and when she was unable she expected I would go myself. If she found out I didn't go, I was in trouble. I might have been yelled at. She made me feel uncomfortable. I always felt uncomfortable when I broke rules, because there was that underlying guilty feeling they created in the back of my mind."

Now there is not guilt. This is because there has been an all out onslaught of Christianity. There has been an onslaught on religion. There has been an onslaught on rules of civilization. There has been an onslaught on institutions.  There has been an onslaught on American Exceptionalism. Examples of this is when Obama appologizes to our enemies, and breaks apart our mighty military, and has our enemies bail out stalled Navy ships and has soldiers bow to our enemies in embarrassment.

There just seems to be no common sense in government anymore. There doesn't seem to be anyone who says, "Woah, let's put on the brakes. We cannot afford this.  We cannot do this. We cannot continue to artificially raise the minimum wage. We cannot continue to increase regulations and burdens on businesses. We cannot continue to raise taxes on the middle or working class.  We cannot continue to allow people to invade our nation. We are in a state of moral and social decline. We need to STOP!"

We need adults, mature people, in positions of power to stop the attack on institutions, and to stop the attacks on people who succeed. We need people to stop the attacks on capitalism.  We need people to stop the attacks on liberty. We need people to stop the attacks on Christianity.  We need people to recognize and stop the moral decline of our nation.

There's no "there" there anymore. There's no basis, there's no foundation, there's no bottom line. It seems like we're in a free-for-all when it comes to any kind of values you want to talk about: Cultural, political, pop culture, you name it.

Look, for most of history America has been about getting away from too much government. We don't want government telling us what to do and how to live our lives. Now we have people in government who make it bigger and bigger. They make it so we must obey government. We Were once told to questions authority, and now we are told to obey the government or we are racist.


We need some mature people in positions of power.  We need some adults. We do not need someone we like. We need someone who will say, "Enough! Stop! We cannot afford this. We don't have money for this. We cannot solve everyone's problems. We cannot afford to be everything for everyone. We are going to bankrupt if we don't stop. Our country is going to fail if we don't stop. If we stop, we can make America great again, just you wait and see."

This is how Trump came about.  He's the only one speaking out against all this.  He's the one who says we need to stop; we need to put the breaks on; we need to follow the rule of law; we need to set limits; we cannot afford this.  Trump, in essence, is the dad or the mom. Surely you don't want to be told no, but sometimes it's for your own good.

So, in this way, liberalism created Trump.  Obama created Trump.  The establishment republicans established Trump. I say this because, in the last two midterm elections, they were voted into office under the promise that they would stop Obama. They have not. They have allowed Obama to accomplish all his goals. They have done nothing to stop him. That has people mad. That has created Trump.

I think that there's a sizable percentage of people in this country that are frightened, scared at the lack of values, the lack of anything solid to depend on. When a downward spiral happens, there's nothing to put the brakes on it. There's nothing to stop it. Everything just keeps descending with very little end in sight. And nobody in the political culture is talking about it -- except Trump.

They have reason to be scared. You have legislators in New York trying to pass a bill that would allow illegal, undocumented aliens to vote in New York City elections. You also have 60% of democrats who think socialism would be great for America. Most Americans do not want either of these to ever happen, because they would destroy America. This fear has created Trump.

I don't want to compare the current democratic party to Hitler's Nazi party, but it was socialist ideas of Hitler that mesmerized Germany. He said he was going to assure everyone a job with fair wages, and he was going to give everyone free healthcare and free college. He offered to take care of the sick. He offered to take care of the elderly. He offered to take care of everyone. He offered everything to everyone.

And so the scary thing is he won an election, and then once he was in office he took away Bibles and he took away any freedom of choice among the populace, and he forced people to join the military, and he started to kill Jews, and he started wars to take over the world. You see, democrats aren't that bad, but they like to mesmerize people by saying they will give them free stuff. And when they are elected they will pass laws, and every new law takes away another freedom. Every new law, every new regulation, takes us closer and closer to socialism, which is exactly what we fought against in WWII, and Vietnam, and etc.

So Bernie Sanders is not on the cook fringe of the democratic party anymore, he is in the mainstream. He is a typical democrat now. And what he has to say is very seductive. Socialism is always seductive. But socialism never works. Eventually you will run out of money. Socialism says everyone will be equal, but what happened in Russia? You had the middle class, the entire middle class, lined up in food lines. They had plenty of food, but no one willing to get it into homes.

Since everyone was taken care of, there was no incentive to do anything. Heck, why would I become a respiratory therapist when I could work at a front desk at a hotel and make the same money. Why become a doctor? Why become a nurse? Why become a teacher and put up with pesky kids when I can do a less stressful job, an easier job, and make the same money. Socialism is very seductive, but it never works. It will not work in America either, but our leaders don't care. They say, Screw You.  And that created Trump.

The destruction of the American economy by those we entrusted with running our government, created Trump. The destruction of our healthcare system, the attack on our culture, and the decline of culture, decency and morality created Trump. The out of control spending created Trump. I mean, people have fears that our country as we know it may not exist if Hilary or Sanders gets elected. Truly, the fears are justified.

You have people like me who can't get ahead. You have people like me who are living pay check to pay check and who worry about their bills going up; their taxes going up. There are legitimate fears that our kids won't even live in the same country we grew up in. There's the fear they will some day get the bill for our out of control spending.

So, yes, fear has created Trump. When he comes in with the slogan (the same one used by Ronald Reagan, by the way) of "Make America Great Again!" people hear it. People want their country back. Americans feel America is no longer great.  One poll even showed that 58% of Americans say they no longer recognize their country.  They are afraid it might not be around much longer. They want it back.

We, as Americans, do not live in fear. Yet it we have been taught from the beginning, since the days of our founding, that freedom is fragile.  If we want to continue living in the American dream, then we must fear the worst and prepare for it.