Monday, January 4, 2016

A person must study hard to remain a conservative

John O'Sullivan, former editor for National Review, said that anyone who doesn't practice conservatism every day will naturally gravitate towards liberalism.  This makes sense, considering liberalism is the easiest path, and requires no education whatsoever.  

This kind of goes back to what Rush Limbaugh said about liberalism being the gutless choice.  It takes no education to be a liberal, he said.  All you have to do to be a liberal is say you feel someone's pain, and come up with a solution that somebody else has to pay for.  Then when someone attacks your solution you avoid debate on the issue and attack that person personally with words like homophobe, idiot, racist, sexist, etc.  

Sullivan said: Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time."  He refers to it as his first law.  

What he means is that in order to be a conservative you have to constantly be educating yourself.  You have to constantly be learning.  You have to constantly be reading books and magazines.  And, since most people don't have time for that, they slowly migrate, or evolve, into liberals.  It's the natural progression of liberalism. 

He believes that conservatism must be front and center in your mind, you must study it every day, or you will lose it; you will become one of them -- a liberal; a socialist; a communist; a fascist; a progressive.  That's what's needed to stay abreast, because the natural gravitational pull is to liberalism. 

It is easy to become a liberal.  It takes no effort to be a liberal.  To be a liberal all you have to do is wake up and enjoy life.  When you aren't actively educating yourself, it's easy to believe all the politically correct, secular, jargon spewed out by the left wing media, and left wing teachers, and left wing professors, and so forth.  If you aren't armed with the ammo to protect your mind from their propaganda, you will naturally start to gravitate to their way of thinking; their way of the world.  

It takes a lot of effort to be a conservative.  It takes no effort whatsoever to be a liberal.  Just look at anyone who is a liberal and you will see for yourself that they probably don't even read the news.  And if they do read the news it's the liberal news like the New York Times. If they watch the news on TV it's CNN or MSNBC, or stations that do nothing but repeat the same old propaganda spewed by every other liberal outlet our there.

This is why American history is so important. This is why it's important the kids learn what life was like for people before the United States was formed. This is why it's important to learn about the founding and the founding fathers.