Monday, January 25, 2016

Are conservatives really 'backwards' and 'backwoods'?

From time to time liberals refer to conservatives as "backwoods" or "backwards."  Sometime they use the term "old school."  The truth is, not only do these terms not apply to conservatives, they apply more to the liberals who use them.

To make it simple here, all of these terms are polite ways of saying, "Primitive."  So, when a liberal says that a conservative is "backwoods," he is in essence saying that the conservative is primitive.  Now we can break the term primitive down further.

1.  Liberal definition of primitive: Traditional christian values and morals, such as those taught by the church.

2.  Conservative definition of primitive: The way of life prior to civilization.

In the primitive world, marriage is defined as Commune marriage, the system prevailing amongst some primitive peoples by which within a small community all the men are regarded as married to all the women and vice-versa, sometimes called group marriage, sometimes called polygamy.

In this system all men and women work for the collective, or state. Everything they do is collected by the state to be doled out equally among the people. In this system no one gets to keep a share of the profits of his labors, and therefore there is no incentive to excel above and beyond one's peers.

By this system, there was no incentive to become better, and so people remained primitive.  It was this system that ultimately gave birth to fascism, Marxism, socialism, progressivism, and liberalism.  Their goal is always to create a euphoria, yet all that results is chaos.

Marriage had no meaning, and so culture was not taught. It did not matter if you had sex with other women while married, because you were married to everyone.  Abortions were considered acceptable.  Having a child outside marriage was considered acceptable.

Christianity recognized that there were consequences to all these actions.  They recognized that children who were born of married parents were more likely to become productive members of society.  The recognized that abortion had negative consequences on a society, such as sadness.

Christians recognized that the primitive definition of marriage had consequences, and therefore created a system whereby marriage was defined as a man and a women.  The purpose of marriage was to procreate, and then to share culture with their children.  A part of this culture was a moral code that established marriage between a man and a women.  Adultery and abortion were frowned upon.

When the first civilizations were formed they tried to live without morals.  In Ancient Greece, it was considered as acceptable to live by the primitive definition of marriage.  It was fine to have abortions.  It was fine to have sex with whomever you chose to have sex with.  These were considered fine.

Yet these immoral acts, as Christians saw them, were primitive and worked to destroy civilization rather than hold it together.  So the new moralistic, Christian world was created.  This system is now called the "Christian Right," by liberals, and "old school" or "backwoods."  These people, liberals claim, or those who still believe in this system, are considered to be "backwards."

Yet the truth is, liberals are backwards. They are trying to return society to where it was in the primitive world, where marriage had no meaning; where marriage was defined as whatever you wanted it to be defined.

To further make my point, the definition of marriage I pulled out above was from the 1989 version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Their definition of marriage, as defined by liberals, is:
Commune marriage, the system prevailing amongst some primitive peoples by which within a small community all the men are regarded as married to all the women and vice-versa, sometimes called group marriage, sometimes called polygamy.
You see, so who are the real backwoods people.  Conservatives have actually created a system that works.  Where marriage is defined as between a man and a women, people thrive.  Every study ever done on the subject shows that children born of a mother and a father, even if the father dies, are 80% more likely to become productive members of society.

Yet liberals want to make marriage meaningless.  All you have to do to see proof that I am right here is to look at any city in the U.S. that has been controlled by liberals for 30 or more years.  All you have to do is look at Detroit.  Liberals there have gotten everything they ever wanted: marriage has no meaning, abortion doesn't matter, it's okay to have sex before marriage.  And what has that gotten them.  Where is the Euphoria?

Detroit is proof that liberalism is backwoods. They have turned Detroit into a primitive world.  Rich people are frowned upon and taxed.  And what has all this gotten Detroit.  Since marriage doesn't matter, 9 in 10 children are born to single parents.  No dad is around to teach culture, and moms are too busy working. So kids do poorly in school and join gangs.

Single mothers are supported by the state, and so there is no incentive for them to do better.  Children see how their mothers lived, and they grow up to live the same.  So the cycle of poverty continues.  And it's all because liberals have gotten everything they wanted in Detroit, things they keep telling us will create a euphoric society.

So while liberals claim conservatives are "backwoods" or "backwards," the truth is that liberals are.

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