Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trump Looking Very Presidential

I have to be honest here folks.  I think I really, truly, honestly love Donald Trump.  I never in a million years thought I would ever say that, but it's true.  Every time I hear him speak now he says something that resonates with me; makes me feel proud.  I love him.

Look, I'm not endorsing him here. I just think he resonates with Americans like me.  There are things I've always wanted a presidential candidate to say, and Trump is the first to say them.  He is a man who speaks from his heart, and does't let political correctness scare him from the truth.  He's not going to let anyone walk all over him.  He is rich, and he doesn't apologize.  Instead he says things like, "I am rich, and I can make you rich too."

During the 2012 presidential cycle, you don't know how bad I wanted someone to say, "Obama is a socialist." No one ever did.  Not one candidate had the courage to speak the truth about Obama, and probably because they thought they'd be seen as racist attacking the first black presidential candidate.  So uninformed voters continued to think Obama was the solution to their problems.

I don't think we need to fear that Trump will hesitate calling Clinton a Socialist because she's a woman and it might be seen as offensive.  Nope!  Trump will call a spade a space, and that's what we need.

After the first debate where  Megyn Kelly tried to take out Trump, Trump did not disappoint his fans.  He responded with boldness and courage, and he did not apologize.  And, despite what the media thought, his poll numbers did not decline: they went up.

I think Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head when he defined it this way:
(Trump is) walking in uncharted territory... this stuff that he's doing, nobody's seen. In its own way, it's refreshing...  There's a percentage of the population that is totally fed up with the political class, including the media. And they have wanted things said to people and about people for the people they've been voting for for years and they haven't heard it. I mean, the media is not loved. The media in some cases is despised, and Trump is giving it right back to 'em in ways that many people in this country have dreamed of happening. And, as such, he comes off as refreshing.
Even when he's not on message or when he's not on issues, he comes across as somebody that says things they would like to say, things they have wanted to say, things they have hoped other people would say.  Cause, frankly, I'm gonna tell you, again: I don't think that a lot of these big players, including in the media, have any idea who their audiences are. Particularly the Drive-Bys. I don't think they have the slightest idea the size of and the amount of real anger out there directed at them. It goes so far beyond the fact that they're biased. It's way beyond that now. And Trump is the only guy addressing it, whether he's talking about issues or them...
There is real visceral anger over this amnesty BS. There is real visceral anger over what's been done for the economy. There is real visceral anger over what is being done to the health care system via Obamacare. The reason they don't know it is because they (the media) do not care to talk to the people who feel that way, so they never do features on them. They never go out and do man-on-the-street interviews with people like that.

Because they are interested in furthering the agenda that has made all of this happen. Now, they know there are gonna be some people that disagree with it, but they immediately relegate them to insignificant status. They're either bitter clingers or they're lunkheads or they're small in number or they're just old-fashioned ditties that don't deal well with change or what have you. But they're missing the real anger, and it's been 
The anger, you can see it in the midterm 2010, 2014 elections. There have been people have shown up in droves. The Democrats have lost over a thousand seats in those midterm elections, and part of those elections were Republicans being elected because the people voting for them wanted them to stop all of this, or at least try. And they don't see any trying to stop it. They don't see any effort being made, any serious effort to defund Planned Parenthood.

I think there's some real outrage in this country over what has been learned, was always suspected but now what has been confirmed was going on in those abortion clinics. There's real anger out there. And the one person that's come along that's tapped into it and that gives everybody the impression that he's fully aware of it and agrees with them is Donald Trump. As such, he's got a pretty wide berth here. He's got a pretty big margin of error.
You see, the media wants politicians, and anyone, to admit when they made mistakes. And Trump does not fall for it.  He does not apologize.  He will not apologize because he is rich.  Quite the contrary: he reminds people that he is rich and that they too can get rich.  If you apologize that changes the whole narrative, and that's why the media loves apologies and Trump refused to give one.

He will not apologize for calling out raving lunatic leftists for what they are: raging, lunatic leftists.  He is not going to apologize for calling out Rosie O'Donnell for being a raging, lunatic leftist.  He will not apologize for the fact he is rich.  He will not, as Obama does on a daily basis, apologize for America being great.

Besides, apologizing does not change the fact that you said what you said.  If you apologize, then you are saying you screwed up.  For instance, if you are apologizing for America, you are saying that America isn't truly great; it's not truly exceptional: and it is great; it is exceptional.

Look, Trump is not afraid to speak the truth.  He does not care what people think.  He understands the truth hurts before it makes you better.  He understands all this.  And, the best thing about trump, is that you don't have to worry about some media personality embarrassing him.  You don't have to worry that he won't have a good response: because he is a great speaker; a great at articulating thoughts, opinions and facts.

For example, regarding Lindsey Graham he said: "Lindsey Graham, a total lightweight. Here's a guy in the private sector he couldn't get a job, believe me. Couldn't get a job! He couldn't do what you people did. You're all retired as hell and rich, okay? He wouldn't be rich. He'd be poor. And then I watch this idiot Lindsey Graham on television today, and he calls me a jackass! (imitating Graham) "He's a jackass."

For example, regarding Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton he said:

"Bush said my tone is not nice. My tone. I said, 'No, we need tone. We need enthusiasm. We need tone!' It's true. But they said -- and actually Hillary Clinton said (imitating Clinton), "I don't like his tone." We have people having their heads cut off, Christians in the Middle East! We have people that are being dumped in cages and drowned, in the Middle East."

Trump has a great point.  Here we are all concerned about the Confederate flag offending people. We are concerned about words spoken by politicians.  We are concerned about apologies.  And yet we have terrorist dictator thugs out there cutting heads off of people who don't agree with them philosophically and religiously.

The point here is that anyone who tosses criticism at Trump, Trump is going to stand his ground, defend his territory, defend what he has said, defend his position, defend his opinions, and he will fight back. He will fight back.  As a conservative watching a debate, or listening to a speech, by Trump, I won't have to worry about him not being able to articulate.  There will be none of that type of fear if Trump is our candidate.

Yes! Trump is reading our minds. He is finally the man we have been yearning for for years to run for president.  A true man of the people.  A man who says, "I will rebuild our military. It will be so strong and so powerful and so great… that we’ll never have to use it. Nobody’s gonna mess with us.”

As Limbaugh said, "His personality is not to rise above it and ignore it. His personality is to deal with it head on and just send it right back at 'em."  Still, the best thing of all about Donald Trump, is: "It isn't an Act," said Limbaugh. "It's genuine!"  It's Donald Trump.

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