Saturday, August 8, 2015

Obama plans to build shacks next to nice houses

Liberals believe the way to make the world better is by doing battle with society's moral defects (real or perceived).  This is why they started wars, such as the war on poverty and the war on drugs.  Now they are trying to start a war on suburbia.  Obama has saved this war for last because he knows darn will it will not go over well.

So what is it? Liberals like Obama believe it is not fair that wealthy white people have moved out of Detroit and into suburbs where their are zoning laws requiring certain types of homes. This is to prevent shacks from being built next to really nice homes.

Obama thinks this is not fair.  He thinks that it's not fair that these wealthy white people living in the suburbs get to go to nice schools that provide good educations, while the impoverished (mostly blacks) have to live in shacks and go to inferior schools.

So he aims to do something about it by doing battle with suburbia.  What he did was create the Affirmative Further Fair Housing Rule (AFFH), which give the government leverage to re-engineer every American neighborhood. preferably arranging the so that they are a mix of racial and ethnic compositions.

This rule allows the White House to decide what percentage of a neighborhood is female, black, white, Indian, Mexican American, or whatever.  Rather than the people in these neighborhoods deciding for themselves, the government gets to decide.

This rule allows the federal government to trump local communities.  For instance, if Obama wants to make a suburb more balanced racially, he can overrule any zoning laws.  He can then create un-elected federal bodies to force local communities to create new laws that require organizations like HUD to come in and build cheap, affordable homes next to wealthy homes.  This allows poor people from inner cities (mainly minorities) to build shacks next to nice homes.

Worded another way, what he or some other government official will do is, for cities that receive federal funding that are deemed to have a greater than a 50% white population, pressure them to change zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing.  Inner city minorities will then be relocated to more affluent communities.

The noted goal of all this is to make it more fair for minorities and poor people to live in nice neighborhoods and to attend the nice schools. However, the real, unstated goal is to make these communities so that they are less likely to vote for conservatives and republicans.

They actually succeeded in trying this in Westchester County, New York.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) came in and trumped all their zoning laws and force the local ordinances to create low income housing.  The community had to pay for this at their own expense in order to create more of a balance.  In other words, it allowed shacks to be build next to nice houses.

When this all started Westchester was a completely liberal area. When the people of Westchester got wind of this, they booted our all the liberals and elected conservatives.  Now the town is run by conservatives.

The problem liberals don't see is that none of this is fair to people who have worked hard to get ahead and live in a nice neighborhood, and this includes both blacks and whites.  They see it as unfair that Obama wants to put impoverished people who can't afford to wash their clothes, can't afford to keep up their homes, and don't cut their grass, and don't watch their kids, in their nice neighborhoods.

A better approach is to encourage inner city folks to elect republicans.

Of course now Obama wants to do this for the entire country.  Will their be a public outcry?

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