Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Evils of Planned Parenthood

So now we know why Planned Parenthood refuses to talk moms out of aborting their babies: the organization is profiting by selling fetal arms, legs, and heads.

They are babies. They are little bodies and body parts of God's little creatures who will never even have a chance to live.  They have had that chance aborted.

Planned Parenthood makes, say, $500 for the abortion, and then $75 for arms, $75 for legs, $75 for heads, and $75 for bodies.  Put that together and you get a net profit of $800 per abortion.

That's enough money to keep the organization running regardless of how much taxpayer funds are going to pay for all this.

So, now let's address funding for planned parenthood.  According to, "Planned Parenthood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY 2013."  According to, this revenue was only 45% of the organizations profits.  Likewise, only 3% of the total services offered in 2009 were abortions.

Of that 3%, no federal funds were was used to fund abortions, as the Hyde Amendment prevents the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion unless the pregnancy arises from incest, rape, or to save the life of the mother.

Of course recent events now have us wondering if any of these statistics are even accurate.

We learn the organization is now making revenue selling body parts at We know this because of some undercover videos that have come out where members of the organization have openly discussed, while drinking coffee or eating donuts or whatever, the art of carefully aborting the bodies without destroying priceless body parts.

On one of the videos, Holly O'Donnell, ex procurement tech for StemExpress, a Placervill, California, company, said: "For whatever we could procure, they would get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated. The harder and the more valuable the tissue, the more money you get. So if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart, you're gonna get more money."

One of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress is rather graphic, showing technicians using tweezers to pick through aborted tissue looking for body parts. When the person in the video appears to pluck out a pair of intact kidneys, a person off camera laughs and says, "Five Stars!"

McConnell describes Planned Parenthood's relationship with StemExpress.  She said, "StemExpress is a company that hires procurement techs to draw blood and dissect dead fetuses and sell the parts to researchers. They've partnered with Planned Parenthood and they get part of the money because we pay them to use their facilities. And they get paid from it. They do get some kind of benefit...If you can somehow procure a brain or a heart you're going to get more money than just Chorionic villi or umbilical cord."

She then went into further detail. She said: "I've never had anxiety before this at all. So I'm looking, and I don't know what's going on. I had no idea this is what's gonna happen happening, especially my first day. Literally she has tweezers and she's like, "Okay, well, this is the head, this is the arm, this is a leg." She hands them over, "Oh, here you go. Can you show me some of the parts I just showed you?" The moment I took the tweezers I put 'em in the dish, I remember grabbing a leg. And I said, "This is a leg," and the moment I picked it up I could just feel, like, death and pain. I never felt like that before, like shoot up through my body, and I started to... I blacked out."

A fifth video records a conversation with director of research at the Gulf Coast office, Melissa Farrell, who says, "If we alter a process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this and splitting the specimens into different shipments as this. I mean, that's... It's all just a matter of line items."

Here she is talking about human body parts as though they are just things that can be sold.  This is exactly what slave owners thought of slaves prior to the Civil War.  This is exactly what Hitler thought of Jews. Today it's unborn and defenseless little babies that are being treated as things that can be owned, bought and sold. Farrell says this nonchalantly while having lunch at a restaurant.

Of course selling fetal tissue for a profit is illegal, and Planned Parenthood denies any of this is happening. Despite this, the Senate voted to continue forcing us to support this organization with our tax dollars whether we want to or not.

What's really amazing is the people who support Planned Parenthood are mainly liberals, the same people who run around saying that profit is bad, capitalism is bad, and black lives matter.  These are the same people who don't support capital punishment.  Then they support organizations like Planned Parenthood that perform abortions, and lie about what they do to the bodies.

So how do we know that they don't lie about how taxpayer money is used? So how can we believe our taxpayer dollars aren't being used to fund abortions? How can we be sure that the 55 million abortions said to have been performed since the 1973 Supreme Court is accurate?  How do we believe Planned Parenthood hasn't performed abortions that they don't report? How can we trust them? How can we continue to fund them with our money?

This is Planned Parent Hood.  It's a tax payer funded organization that participates in killing unborn babies, sucking any chance of life they had away from them.  It's an organization that every one of us is paying for even whether we want to or not, or whether we think what they do is abhorrent or not.

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