Sunday, March 22, 2015

Republican party is failing to represent the American people

A friend of mine was all concerned about Glenn Beck leaving the republican party.  I guess she thought it would upset me, considering I'm a big fan of Beck's. My response was: "It doesn't surprise me at all."

Why I'm not surprised is because Glenn Beck has morals and values and principles that do not change based on the whims and wishes of a modern world.  His ideas and values are akin to those of Americans for most of history.  Yet those values are currently not shared by the current leaders of the republican party, who continue to support and push forth the progressive agenda as opposed to making efforts to try to stop it.

Because to Glenn Beck, and I agree with him, it's not about republicans versus democrats, it's about conservative and libertarians versus liberals and progressives.  The leaders of the republican party keep using conservatives and libertarians to get elected, and then they compromise with democrats to advance the democrat agenda.  If we wanted them to compromise with democrats we would have voted for democrats."

It's true.  It's about people who aim to defend and protect individual liberties at all costs, versus people who aim to create laws to perfect society at the expense of liberties.  It's about those who do what's right regardless of political implications, versus those who do what they think is needed to win elections.

She said, "Give some examples."

I said, "The 2014 election was a complete rejection by the American people of Obama's agenda.  They elected republicans in a landslide, giving republicans a mandate to reject and oppose Obama's agenda. Instead of opposing Obamacare, they completely fund it.  Instead of opposing Obama's unconstitutional executive order on amnesty, they completely fund it."

I said this completely on emotion, as though I were defending a good buddy.  I read this before I even knew for a fact Beck was truly leaving the party, and before I read Beck's reasoning for doing so.  It was only after I had the above discussion that I read Beck's remarks about why he was no longer a republican.  It did not surprise me how close I was to his reasoning.

He wrote a letter to Karl Rove that pretty much explains everything.
If you don't think that the Republicans are progressive light then you don't know the history of the movement started by Teddy Roosevelt and the GOP.
There are good men and women in the party that believe in the constitution. Are you one of them?
Do you seriously believe that Jeb Bush is not progressive light? Help me out with
Common Core and Jeb Bush!

...How about Mitch McConnell and his targeting of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?How are things working out for all of the campaign promises? How about the deficit? The war? Defunding ObamaCare?  Oh, didn't the GOP vote to confirm Cass Sunstein? How is illegal immigration working out for you? (Actually, I know the answer: really well as your big corporate buddies love it. Especially down in the colonias). It is modern day slavery. Has Grover started any new Muslim Brotherhood front groups you and the Bushes can pass off as the good guys? How about some more FCC regulation on the Internet?
Oh, I forgot! You did get to the bottom of Benghazi. Oops. Nope. It must be because you are swamped in actually fixing the VA system for all the men YOU put in harms way. Gosh, sorry. No, you aren't even doing that.

...How is the health of the three equal branches of government?

I will say this; you are better than the president. You are only half as bad. You are only doing the fundraising dinners, while he is doing that AND playing golf. It is almost like you are progressive light.
I know, you understand 'strategy' and I don't. I know, you can't push for these things right now! You will lose the presidency in 2016.
No, now you have to compromise on things like immigration etc. so you can win the White House. THEN you will have the White House, the Senate and the House. That is when you really go for it ... Right?
Next time. Not now. That when things really change! Just like they did when you had both branches under Bush!!
Crap. Another bad example.
You guys have the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores, and the integrity of pirates. (My apologies to worms, whores and pirates)
You are right about one thing,
I have said this before. You are also right that you don't need to worry about me.
You need to worry about the American public. Because they have had it up to their teeth with you, the GOP and the DNC lies.
...It is sad that you can no longer hear the American People because they could save you. Instead you listen to your political consultants and the amazing thing is you still believe all of it.
Can you not smell what you are shoveling anymore?
The world has changed. The whole world is being redesigned. Not by government but by dreamers and doers.
You are the taxi medallions in an Uber world.
You don't have to be young to see that. You just have to be open and honest.
Instead, you just continue to shine up the progressive agenda of people like Jeb, pressure, corrupt or threaten freshmen and smear the good people of this country who believe in the actual principles enshrined in the constitution.
It is sad what the GOP has become. You would campaign against Reagan. (Cruz has the principles of Reagan- but all you see of Reagan was HOW Ronald Reagan won, not WHY he won). JFK would be too small government for the GOP as you see it.
"Government isn't the solution, Government is the problem". You believe only government run by the Democrats is a problem.
I think that last quote pretty much sums up the frustration of the republican party.  Republicans champion against too much government that stomps on liberties.  However, when they are in office they sign laws that do just that, and they do it to get re-elected.  If you don't believe me, look at how many bills that took away freedoms that George W. Bush vetoed.

John McCain, for instance, instead of opposing the idea of man made global warming, his agenda was merely a softer version of Obama's.  Instead of spending a billion dollars on stuff we don't want, McCain championed to spend half that.  So what's the difference?  Either way we get what we don't want.

I personally think that Beck is a little premature to simply leave the republican party.  I think he would be better served to champion for a true libertarian or conservative who truly believes in the founding values of this nation.  Someone who will run as a conservative and act as one once elected.

I also honestly believe Beck is not an idiot, and if a Reagan-Coolidge-esk candidate is nominated by republicans, he would assuredly vote for that person.  This, as he well knows, is the only way to change the republican party so that it truly does represent the American people.

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