Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our kids are poorly prepared for real world

Millennials have been exposed to superior technology most of their lives. They have had access to a wealth of knowledge contained on the Internet. So you'd expect them to be light years ahead of us when we were their age. However, an article published in Fortune magazine suggests the opposite is true, that "American Millennials Are Among the World's Least Skilled."

Experts at Princeton-based Educational Testing Service administered a test called the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). The test was designed to measure the job skills of adults, aged 16 to 65, in 23 countries. 

When the test results came back, those who put the test together were shocked. They learned that Millennials in the US fall short when it comes to the skills employers want most: literacy (including the ability to follow simple instructions), practical math, and problem-solving in technology-rich environments.

So kids are basically paying $200,000 to earn a four year degree, and they are graduating without the math and thinking skills necessary to function every day in the workday world.  

Researchers say these results mean that business owners should not overestimate the value of a four year degree.  Those with college degrees did score higher on PIAAC than those with only high school degrees, but not by much.  

This should surprise no one paying attention to what has happened to our public and secondary educational system the past 25-30 years.  Instead of teaching our kids things they need survive in the real world, they teach them everything they need to know about climate change. They are taught that the polar icecaps are melting when they are not.  And they are taught that this was caused by the habits of their parents, when this is not true. 

They are taught that all people should be created equal with equal results. They are taught to hate capitalism.  They learn that the best results come from creating equal pay and equal results. Then when they get in the real world they can't figure out why they can't get ahead in life.  

They learn about electric cars, and how gas powered cars are evil and wicked and the cause of all the world's problems.  They are taught white people are the cause of all the rest of the world's problems. They are taught that you can never discriminate.  It's for this reason that they are afraid to call a Muslim a terrorist even while 99.9 percent of terrorist activities around the world are caused by radical Muslims.  They they are surprised when Muslim's behead innocent journalists. 

They are taught that they should only eat boring foods that are good for them, rather than foods that might bring them joy in life. They are taught that foods are bad for them when there is no evidence of this. They use these fallacies to inspire laws that are for our own good in order to create a perfect world where everyone is healthy.

Then once their laws passed, we learn their fallacies were indeed fallacies.  Yet by then it's too late. Because they weren't trained to think, they didn't figure this out ahead of time.  Another good example here is Obamacare, which was passed by Congress without anyone having read it.  Then people learned that most of the promises made by our president (you can keep your health insurance if you like it, your premiums will go down) were not true.

They are told that they don't have to wait for Heaven to live in euphoria, and so they tend to support people who make laws to perfect society, even if it comes at the expense of their own liberties or the liberties of their children.   For a perfect example of this just look at the food our kids are forced to eat in public schools, food they don't like and mainly just toss into the garbage.  

They are taught that guns kill and people don't.  They are taught that if America does not show it's military might, other nations will not fear us.  They are taught that this will end all evil in the world, resulting in a euphoria.  Yet while their treaties make them feel good, they merely allow evil empires time to gain nuclear weapons (see what happened in North Korea). 

Our kids are poorly prepared for the real world, and it's the fault of progressives who decided that they could take the best educational system in the world and make it better by putting the Federal Government in charge of it.  Yet they failed.  Now we have one of the world's least prepared kids in the world.  Of course now their trying to do the same thing to our health care system, and one might surmise this will end up as chaotic as our educational system.