Monday, March 2, 2015

Only the facts point to the truth

There are those who say you can find an article online to support just about any argument.  But I would like to disagree with this on the grounds that the facts only support one side.

Surely you can find an opinion peace supporting any argument, but the truth is only on one side.  For instance, let's consider tax increases.  You will find articles supporting the notion that tax increases result in more government revenue.  They will argue: it just makes sense.

But there are others who argue that tax cuts create more governmental revenue. They will cite the Laffer Curve as evidence that if you raise taxes above a certain point revenue starts to decline.  In such instances, if you cut taxes so they are at or below this point, you will assure a steady inflow of tax revenue.

The supporters of this later theory will also be able to cite historical evidence in support of this theory, as Warren G. Harding/ Calvin Coolidge cut taxes and watched as the economy soared.  John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush cut taxes and saw governmental revenue nearly double in all instances.

So the evidence is only on one side.  Surely both sides will cite evidence, but just that it sounds good is not sound evidence.