Monday, March 16, 2015

Get your news from more than one source

One of the neatest things about the American Constitution is it protects our natural born right to free speech, at least as far as it comes to our government. This is great because every opinion, every fact, and every new idea can be communicated. This allows us an opportunity that many of our ancestors did not have, and many people in the world still don't have.

Through most of history commoners were not privy to any news, and if they received news it was full of bias and from the king or queen or government.  Even as recently as the 1980s most people received their news from the few media outlets based out of New York, and lead by the New York Times.  Copying their news were CBS, ABC and NBC.

Today we have so many news options thers's no way any idea can be shunned, and all voices are heard. Yet still you have people saying things like "Well, he's only a blogger."  

Yet every blogger is a voice, and a voice that should be heard.  Still, we continue to have many people who want to go back to the old days where voices not agreed with are shut up, or at the very least mocked and ridiculed. A good example of this is Al Gore saying that people who don't believe in man-made global warming should be punished

Personally, I think it's a great thing to have every voice heard. I also think it's good to listen to voices you don't agree with. You might even learn something. This is why I don't understand how some people can email me and tell me I shouldn't watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh or read the Wall Street Journal.

I think it should be just the opposite. I think a wise person would listen to all the voices and come to radical conclusions based on the facts.  I say this because there are many voices who form opinions based on feelings over facts.  You even see this in the news, and we see it in the form of bias. 

It's actually quite easy to get news from many sources today, and you can start at websites such as the Drudge Report.  Some say Drudge is conservative, but I don't care, because he takes me to nearly every news outlet in the world. 

I'm sure there are other sites similar to Drudge, and one example is pages Liked on Facebook.  You can also use Twitter for this.  Although I tend to stay away from social media sites and prefer good old Drudge.