Monday, January 19, 2015

Stop Congress from controlling the Internet

In February, 2015, Congress will vote on whether they should be able to control the Internet.  The reason they want to do it is so they can eventually stop people like Pat Condell from being heard.

Condell is telling people that he does not believe what the media and the government are telling us about Islamic Terrorism.  Because the Internet is free and easily accessible, even people like Condell, with no political or media contacts, can get their opinions heard.

As Glenn Beck said on his Facebook page:
He doesn't have to march, petition, or set himself on fire to bet people to hear him. He turns on his computer, turns on his camera and meekly says how he feels. He is quietly saying that everyone who claims to be in control is not just wrong but a joke. And because of the internet, this one man, formerly a nobody, will have millions around the world saying - "you know what, this makes more sense than anything else I am hearing and reading from the elites. Maybe it isn't just me. The internet: a real and present danger to global power and lies.
There are people in Government who want the Internet to stay as it is, although there are people in the Government who want to control what is being said. They don't want your suspicions that the government and the media is lying to us to be confirmed, so they yearn to shut up voices like Pat Condell.

I am concerned for myself, because I enjoy sharing my opinion for free on the Internet.  As it is, Condell has an opinion similar to my own.  Even if he didn't, he should still have a right to say his piece.  The Internet is the best thing to ever happen to free speech, and the government should not make any laws to take this away.

An initial law may not do this by itself, but, for many, the ultimate goal is to control what information we have access to.

Beck concluded by saying:
Congress votes on regulation next month. Republicans and democrats both are for "regulation to make it more free." Spread the word. Call congress and tell them to leave the only real free space alone. Or I guess we can trust the same people who told you "don't worry, if you like your health care you can keep your healthcare." 
People who champion for laws to perfect the world only create chaos.  They made laws to make the healthcare system better, and it got worse.  They made laws to make the economy better, and they made it worse.  So now they want to make laws to make the Internet better, and we can only envision what that will lead to.