Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Boehner victory good for progressive movement

Sigh!  John Boehner is a good guy, and he's been a good leader of the republican run House of Representatives.  But that's about all the media has gotten right about his victory.

Let's use the Washington Post "Bohner survives leadership challenge from conservative members."
It was the largest rebellion by a party against its incumbent speaker since the Civil War.
Okay, that much they got right.
After he won, Boehner entered to a standing ovation and gave a speech calling this Congress to work together and end its gridlock. He finished with a stirring, though epically mixed, metaphor.
This was an accurate statement by the paper, but proof of what people do not like about Boehner.  The midterm election was a call for republicans to oppose Obama at every front.  Yet instead of opposing him, Boehner is calling for an end to gridlock.   When it comes to stopping Obama and his progressive agenda, gridlock is good.

You see, Boehner, and other members of the republican establishment, and the media, and democrats, think that Boehner should be re-elected easily because he was responsible for the republican landslide.  What they fail to understand is they are wrong.  The reason for the republican landslide was the tea party, or people who oppose the expansion of government.

The paper continues, and this is where it is inaccurate:
The effort to depose Boehner was led by a group of hard-right conservatives and libertarians who did not think the speaker was doing enough to fight Obama over spending and executive power.
The effort was not run by a group of "hard-right conservatives" because there is no such thing.   It was run by traditional conservatives and libertarians who want to prevent government officials from trampling on the constitution.

Either way, the media and democrats are ecstatic the Boehner was re-elected as House Speaker, because he at least will give them a chance to continue moving forth their agenda.

Boehner has a history of being afraid to oppose the Obama agenda on the grounds that he is afraid of offending people and losing votes for his own party, even though the mid-term election gave him the mandate to oppose Obama.

He is a republican in name only (RINO), which essentially means that he is a progressive republican and not a conservative.  This is exactly why the media and democrats are so happy right now.