Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2 reasons I support an armed public

There are many people who believe that there are too many guns in America, including great actor Liam Neeson.  These people believe that more laws need to be created to keep guns out of the hands of the public.

And every time there is an act of violence involving a gun, they use this as a reason for more gun control laws.  The most recent example is the violent action that occurred in France where police officers are unarmed and ride on bicycles.  They also frequently use school shootings, where guns are not allowed. 

There are two reasons why I am opposed to gun control laws.

1.  Bad guys will still get them.  If you could convince me that guns would be taken out of the hands of every thug in the world, I'd be all for gun control.

2.  The Police State would control us.  If you could convince me that the government would never take advantage of an unarmed populace, I'd be all for gun control.

Look!  Bad guys will get guns.  If the good guys don't have them, and the bad guys know this, then there's little hope for the good guys.

Look!  The U.S. military will always have guns, because their Raison d'├¬tre is to destroy things and kill people.  When the public no longer has guns, who is to prevent some future thug from getting elected president who will take advantage of this to control the people?

You see, people who support gun laws are the same progressives/liberals (fascists) who think they can perfect the world.  They actually think that if they get rid of guns there will be no criminals.  So the logic that bad guys would still commit crimes in a gun free world slips right by them.

Logic says that bad guys would find a way to get their hands on guns. If factories don't make them, then they would.  And if all the guns in the world miraculously disappeared, bad guys would use knives to kill instead.  So are they going to try to get rid of all the knives in the world too?

The truth is that most people who own guns are law abiding citizens who have a natural right to protect and defend themselves.  Attempts to take away their guns solves nothing, and creates chaos.