Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 myths about pro-life poeple

Kristen Walker wrote a nice article at called "Five Myths About Pro-life People and How to Refute Them."

1.  We're Brainwashed:  She said that most people are inundated by the pro-choice argument.  It's usually portrayed as a "sad but necessary thing." An example she gives is the movie Dirty Dancing, where young, impressionable people are exposed to a young woman who gets an abortion with a "dirty knife," and then a real doctor is called and the girl is fine.  Such pictures of abortion show it in a positive light, and have succeeded at "brainwashing" the younger generations to accept abortion as normal.  Most people are not exposed to the pro-life argument in this manner, and so people usually come to be pro-lifers on their own.

2.  We're violent:  This is an easy one to refute.  They say we are violent because pro-lifers have killed eight abortion doctors since 1973.  However bad this is, their side has killed over fifty million babies since 1973.  So it's clearly safer to be an abortionist than an unborn baby.

3.  We're religious, conservative, and old:  The truth is, there are many democrats who are pro-lifers, although they seem to be on the decline in Washington.  There are also people who do not believe in God who simply feel it is wrong to kill an innocent child.  And, to top it off, there are many young people who have not been "brainwashed" by the liberal elite establishment.  The truth is, more and more young people are supporting the pro-life movement. There is also a rise in the number of Catholics who vote for pro-choice candidates, so this myth seems to have no merit to it. Not all pro-lifers are religious, conservative and old: Check out Secular Pro-Life, Pagans for Life, or Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League.

4.  We're hypocrites if we oppose abortion but don't oppose the death penalty:  Well, I do oppose the death penalty, so there is not argument here.  I explain why I oppose the death penalty here.  Plus, even if I supported the death penalty you can't compare the killing of a guilty person who chose to commit a crime to that of an innocent unborn child who never had a chance to make a choice.

5.  We have an ulterior motive:  Common ulterior motives that we are often accused of are: taking choice away from women, stopping unmarried people from having sex, and making pernicious girls feel bad about themselves. The truth is, we are pro-lifers because we care about women and their children.  We want to prevent women from committing "legal murder," and we want to save the lives of their innocent children.