Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's my birthday

Okay, I turned 45 today, what is already a perfect day.  My 6-year-old woke me up with a soft kiss, a sweet smile, and the words, "Happy birthday daddy!"

There was plenty of daylight, meaning God and the kids allowed me to sleep in. Laney and I walked to the livingroom where the Christmas Tree lights were on, and through the bay window we could see that plenty of fluffy white Christmas snow had fallen during the night.

I started a pot of coffee, filled two bowls with Fruit Loops, turned on the Big Screen TV.  Myle's appeared from the hallway with his sleepy eyes and messy hair, and Laney rushed to my side in the love chair, supposedly to beat Myles to that spot.

Myles, instead of fighting with Laney for the spot next to me, peacefully turned so I could fit him up on my lap.  My two youngest children were perfectly content watching 7D on the Disney Channel, both crunching on Fruit Loops.

Yes, this was already the perfect birthday.

I opened up my Google Chrome Book, clicked on my email tab, and a message popped up:
Johnny!! Happy happy birthday!!
We already have plans to go to church as a family, and then my wife is going to make lunch, and then I am going to watch the Lions beat the Cowboys at 4:30 today as the crem de la crem of birthday gifts.

So I'm blessed with many gifts today; no need for any store bought ones.  Still, I can't help thinking that a Lions playoff victory today would be a special sort of birthday present, especially considering the last one was way back on January 5, 1991.

Coincidentally, that last victory was also against the Cowboys.  I remember watching it with my dad at Uncle Cash's house.  After the game dad and I called grandpa, what started a tradition of sorts.

When the Lions win today, my dad will call me with a buzzed joy in his voice, and we will talk about the victory.  And, of course, both dad, and mom, will sing me the Happy Birthday Song.

It's already a happy birthday!!!

P.S. After the Lions win today I will update this post.