Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why am I a libertarian-conservative?

I believe there is no shame in telling people where you stand religiously and politically, and that this has absolutely no bearing on how friendships and relationships are formed. 

I also believe that what political philosophy you embrace should have nothing to do with what political party you are associated with.  That the party, or the particular candidate, you embrace is the one who most represents the particular philosophy you believe in.  

That said, I want people to know that I am not a republican, I am a conservative libertarian.  I embrace this particular philosophy because...
  1. I believe in God, and that the Bible inculcates values and individual responsibility
  2. I believe the Bible stands for values and principles that are non wavering, and that are essential for a stable and functioning society.
  3. I believe strong family values are at the core of any productive, prosperous and peaceful nation; that these values can be sucked dry by well-intentioned governmental intervention
  4. I believe we should value human life over all other forms of life.
  5. I believe all people are born with natural rights, or those inalienable rights we are born with that can only be taken away by government, therefore...
  6. I believe that the U.S. Constitution protects our natural rights, which includes all our freedoms, it does not give us these
  7. I believe a Constitution must be etched in stone, and be very difficult to change, in order to create a stable economy
  8. I believe in the individual, that freedom from the bondage of governmental fetters creates an environment that allows individual creativity to achieve
  9. I believe people are smart enough to solve their own problems without the intrusion of governmental interventions
  10. I believe that when people are allowed to solve their own problems they have to potential to flourish to greater levels than any governmental program could accomplish.
  11. I believe government is a necessary evil, and should be limited to those trammels that are absolutely essential to the survival of a nation. 
  12. I believe that taxation should only occur when necessary to provide for the common defense, civilian police agencies, firefighting organizations, roadways, railways and other essential aspects of our nation's infrastructure.
  13. I believe that if income taxes are to occur that everyone should pay a portion of it, with the exception of the absolute destitute, so that every person has a vested interest on where those tax dollars are spent.
  14. I believe the only way to peace is through strength
  15. I believe compassion is defined by how many people can thrive on their own without government intervention, and not by how many people are on the government dole. 
  16. I believe that a social Utopia cannot be achieved by government taking from those who achieve and giving it to those who do not achieve, and history has proved this ad nauseum
  17. I believe the American dream offers every person equal opportunity, but not equal outcomes
  18. I believe we should value and take care of the environment, but environmentalism based on theories is harmful to the nation, especially when it is based on fear and deceit. 
  19. I believe that free market principles should be applied to education and healthcare, that this is the best way for these necessary systems to flourish
  20. I believe honest and hard working immigrants are at the core of this nation, and those immigrating into it should do so by legal means only, and those who are here illegally should be sent home and encouraged to follow the legal track.
  21. I believe that all nationalities and languages should be respected, although I believe English is the language of success and prosperity, and that learning the English language should be at the core of any immigration program.
  22. I believe that all American citizens, and all immigrants, should be educated on what this country was founded upon, including God, the Bible, Natural Rights, the founding fathers, The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
  23. I believe that the Declaration of Independence is still a binding and fully functioning document that should be respected just as faithfully as the U.S. Constitution is
  24. I believe that American Exceptionalism does not mean our nation is better than other nations, only that our nation was the first ever nation, and still the only nation, where, freed from the bondage of governmental intervention, all people are provided an equal opportunity to succeed. 
  25. I believe that most financially well-off (rich) people obtained success through hard work, and that we should stop thinking of rich people as greedy and selfish
  26. I believe that race relations are not improved by governmental intervention, that it only makes race relations worse, and that affirmative action is a perfect example of this. 
  27. I believe the first amendment right of religion should not be taken out of context to prevent religious expression on governmental property, especially in our public school system
  28. I believe the 2nd amendment should not be misinterpreted to mean that only the military is allowed to defend and protect the people, because this would make it very easy for the government to control the people; that people should be allowed to arm and defend themselves to provide safe and secure environment for themselves and their family
  29. I believe that the 10th amendment should be respected, and that anything not covered in the U.S. Constitution should be left to the states and the people to decide, and this includes abortion and healthcare. 
  30. I believe that most people are smart and will make wise decisions for themselves, and do not need experts in Washington deciding what is best for them, such as what drugs they can and cannot ingest or inhale, what foods they can eat, what air they can breathe, etc. 
  31. I believe that those who break the law should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in order to discourage people from breaking the law
  32. I believe people will work harder for themselves than someone across the country, and for this reason I think capitalism and limited government are essential to a prosperous nation
  33. I believe that the United States is the greatest nation in the history of the world, and that we should teach this to our kids