Thursday, April 17, 2014

We must continue to resist becoming sheep

Lacking wisdom and the will to fight, people become sheep. 
The founding fathers championed for natural rights on the phrase: "Taxation without representation."  It is a given fact that the founding fathers had no representation.  They had nobody in the government who represented them.  But we do, and we don't seem to care.

We have people like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio who are champion for the rights that we were born with, the rights the are handed down from god. 

The founding fathers had to work from scratch, even at the risk of losing their own lives, in order to create the founding documents: Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  We do not have to work from scratch, but our representation is down to a scratch.  

Why?  Because too many people are unwilling to educate themselves about the struggles people went through for 99% of human existence just to get an ounce of freedom.  I think people today have it so easy they take their freedom for granted, even to the extent they no longer care about how hard people fought for it; to the extent they can no longer fathom the idea that freedom is very fragile.  

Think about that for a second:  Freedom is fragile.  Think how easy it was for Hitler to take away freedom from the people and turn them into sheep.  Think how easy it was for Stalin and Mussolini to do the same.  This is how it was for almost all of history, in nearly every nation ever formed: that the people were turned into sheep, believing in whatever the powers that be say.  

There are people in this once great and proud nation who have no clue that the U.S. Constitution is the only one in the history of the world that does not tell the government what it can do, but tells the government what it can't do. They do not know this, because many of our leaders and teachers have become sheep. 

What are sheep?  They are people who vote for the most popular person, which is how Obama got elected.  They are the people who believe in idealist theories because they sound good and make them feel good, which is why so many people support global warming.

Sheep want to change what worked in the past, such as marriage and values and virtues and God.  They want to change those things because they stand in the way of them accomplishing their idealist theories.  They say single families are the way of the future, and that we should not talk bad about them.

Sheep are afraid to state facts even when they know them.  Sheep, when they hear facts, shun them off because that's what they are told to do.

Sheep do not think for themselves.  Sheep do not know who they are electing.  Sheep do not know about economics. Sheep do not know, and may not even care, about wisdom and history.  They simply believe the feel good theories postulated by the idealists and vote for them; and follow them. They heed to the whips of idealists. Sheep heed to the whims and wishes of the idealists.

People who think for themselves, who go against the sheep, are called controversial.  They are called controversial even when they champion for the same causes the founding fathers fought for, such as natural rights

Let me give you an example. You have idealists say we need to give more money to public education in order to improve education.  Yet you look at the statistics that show U.S. schools as the best funded in the world, while other nations that spend far less have better educated kids.

While you have idealists saying its okay to have a lot of single families.  Those who refuse to become sheep, the realists, show evidence that children of single parent households are at a significant risk of obtaining a poor education and remaining in poverty.  The sheep don't care about such facts.

The sheep don't want to hurt people's feelings, so they create these politically correct names for people so we don't even recognize who anyone is anymore.  This has even come into the medical profession.  For years nurse practitioners were called mid-level providers.  But that's offensive, so now we have to call the Advanced Placement Providers (APP).  Yeah, it's crazy.  

So you show an idealist your evidence and they call you a liar.  Yes, they call you a liar because you dare go against the sheep.  They call you controversial. If you do not conform, even if you have the facts on your side and they have no facts on theirs, you are the idiot.  

Yes, so we are controversial.  We are controversial because we refuse to become sheep.  But that's fine with us, because, to the British, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, and all the other founding fathers were called controversial too.

Now you have idealist who chime that the founding fathers were the sheep.  They say that the documents they created are the only things standing in the paths of their idealist theories being accomplished.  And so they use phrases like "it feels good, and "we're doing it with good intentions" in order to convince people that it's okay to trample all over the Constitution.  They say it's old, antiquated, and needs to be updated based on the whims and wishes of the modern idealists.

And we are, for refusing to become sheep, are controversial.  They flog you because you refuse to reform. 

Our founding fathers used history and facts to oppose the sheep, and what they created was the greatest nation the world has ever known.  In order to preserve what they created, we must  continue to resist becoming sheep.