Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Putin and Obama prepare their war strategies

Putin's strategy involves gazing at a map of the world,
trying to decide where in the West he wants to attack first.
Obama tries to stop him with doctors, nurses, negotiations
global warming threats, and sanctions.   
Do you remember when Clinton was president the West promised to defend Ukraine?  Well, the West did.  On that promise Ukraine demilitarized and disarmed itself.  This contract was renewed by Obama.

So when Putin aimed tanks at them, Ukraine was a sitting duck. But all the United States did was promise sanctions.

Now there are warnings that Putin might be trying to rebuild the Soviet Union, and most people are ignoring these warnings.  The realists who say it are called idiots and conspiracy theorists by the idealists.  No one wants to hear the warnings.

And I'm not saying the warnings are true, either.  I mean, who knows what Russian has planned.  But, I think, it's better to be prepared and proactive than to respond. Or, worded another way, there's nothing to fear except not being prepared.

Yet people like me are called conspiracy theorists.