Friday, July 24, 2015

Why I'm a Classical Liberal

Classical liberalism (what used to be called liberalism) is what made America Unique. It's pretty much what every democrat president was from Thomas Jefferson down to Grover Cleveland.  Then progressivism happened, and the democratic party turned progressive.  When the term progressive became unpopular, they stole the term liberal to make their game look good.

So now we have to call what we are classical liberal, a.k.a. libertarian conservatism.  It's limited government, strict constitutionalism, and following the rule of law.

Here's why I am a classical liberal.
  1. You can't spy on me
  2. We can't have these never ending wars
  3. You can't just throw me in jail without a trial
  4. You cant kill me without a trial
  5. You can't make laws that fine me for not doing something, such as not wearing my seat belt, or not eating the foods you think I should be eating, or not living a healthy enough lifestyle.  
  6. You can't make me buy health insurance, or car insurance, or any insurance
  7. You can't force me to participate in a social security program
  8. You can't tell me I can't smoke cigarettes or sell marijuana or take hormone pills or experimental medicine 
  9. You can't tell my kids they can't pray in school
  10. You can't take away our public nativity scenes if that's what we choose to display at our courthouses or schools.