Thursday, July 2, 2015

Judges must not force Churches to conform

I'm tired of hearing people talk about how Christians are forcing their religion on other people. This has never happened.  Christians were just going about their daily lives, minding their own businesses, while other institutions, the government included, decided to get involved in the institution.  They got involved, they found a way to create benefitTs for it, to tax it, and to claim it as their own.

Now Christians get blamed for forcing their definition of marriage on everyone else.  No such thing ever happened.  And if the establishment clause is respected, Christian churches should be able to continue performing marriages between a man and a woman as they always have.  In no way shape or form should the Supreme Court Ruling that gay marriage should be legal be forced on the Church.  If it does, all hell will break loose.  Their will, or should, be a public outcry.

The ruling by the Supreme Court only applies to marriages performed by Judges or Justices of the Piece.  They only apply to government marriages.  If anything else happens, if Judges force priests and pastors to marry gay couples, then the opposite will be happening: the minority will be forcing its will on Christianity.

Now, if it is not okay for Christianity to force its views on the rest of society (something that has never happened by the way), then it surely should not be okay for society to force Churches to conform to the current whims of society.

In other words, if the Christian ant-gay marriage stance is bigoted, then so too is the secular stance that Churches must accept gay marriage.