Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Peace can be obtained through strength

Too many people today don't understand what peace through strength means. It's the whole reason that the Roman Empire lasted as long as it did. It's the one reason why the United States spent so much on a military buildup during the 1980s.

The Roman Army was the mightiest army in the world, and, until the end when it became depleted and weak, no one, not even the Germans, would dare to intimidate Rome. Most nations, rogue or other, in one way or another made peace with Rome, placated it's leaders, in order to gain in some way from it.

Look, no matter what we do in this world, there are always going to be bad people who want to cause havoc in one way or another. There will always be people, or factions, or entire nations, who want to cause harm and prevent justice. This is a truth that conservatives have traditionally understood.

The best way to prevent thugs and thug nations from succeeding at their thug goals is to prevent them from ever acting. And the only way to do that is to build up as strong of a military as possible. It was based on this truth that America became a Superpower.

Think of it this way. In high school who were the wimpy kids most afraid of. It surely wasn't another scrawny wimpy kid. It was the biggest, toughest, meanest guy in school. He was the one no one would mess with. He could walk around school and do whatever he wanted. Sure he could cause harm, but he could also protect the bad people in the school.

In other words, the meanest, toughest guy in school may actually have been the nicest kids in school.  So, while the U.S. may be seen as a bully by the rest of the world, it actually is the good guy. This is the kind of thing conservatives understand and liberals tend to deny.

He could be the biggest deterrent to bullies. I had a friend like that when I was in school. I used to hang out with this guy because he was willing and able to protect me. We ultimately became great friends, but, to me, he was a B-2 Bomber or a nuclear weapon. Rarely ever did he ever use his fist to defend me. Yet when a thug was pent on using his might on me, my friend beat the crap out of him.  He did this once at his own peril and even got detention.  But he said to me that he'd be willing to do it again.

And here's another way of looking at it. Peace through strength means that you build the B-2 Bomber and nuclear weapons and you never plan on using it. Thug nations like Iran will never mess with Israel because Israel could blow it off the face of the earth. Israel hopes to never use its mite, but it could. The same with the U.S. We have the mightiest military in the world, but the purpose of it is not to use it, but to act as a deterrent to mess with the U.S.

So many liberals don't understand this though. They think of a large military presence as the U.S. being a bully to the rest of the world. That is why democrats downsize our military and cut military spending. That's why democrats are always talking about getting rid of our nuclear weapons, or at least cutting back.

Unlike conservatives, who understand that people are born morally flawed, liberals believe people are born good.  They believe people and nations only become aggressive when people around them are bullies.  So that's why they believe they can create peace by making it look like the U.S. is not the bully.  This explains why they make deals with Iran, and why they build down our military.

They see our military mite as us being the bully. When, in fact, it is the exact opposite. By us having a military, when we have a president who is not downsizing it and trashing it all the time, other nations that are our enemies, or the enemies of our allies, are deterred from being bullies themselves. They are tamed out of fear of what the U.S. might do.

During the 1980s we ended up winning the cold war because in the end we ended up with the biggest, baddest nuclear weapons program in the world. The Russians could not keep pace, and so their economy collapsed, and with it so did their socialist U.S.S.R.

Peace through strength means being bigger and more powerful that the people who want to wipe you off the face of the earth. That is why it is important for free nations like Israel and the United States to be strong and powerful.

Iran is deterred from messing with Israel because it knows it will be blown off the face of the earth if it did. It is for this reason Iran wants nuclear weapons so bad, because they want to have a chance to have more power than Israel. That's exactly why the free world must not allow Iran to gain such power. That would be a true travesty.

This is why conservatives, and most people around the world, balk at the Iranian nuke deal.  Conservatives must understand that liberals believe that it is not fair that we have allowed Israel to have nukes and not Iran. Similarly, they didn't think it was fair that India had nukes and Pakistan did not, so that is why the Clinton administration allowed Pakistan to get nukes.  They believe by the two having nukes this will balance out the region leading to peace.

 They believe Iran is hostile because its people see this as unfair.  So liberals honestly believe if Iran has nukes it will no longer be hostile.  Of course as Obama signs the deal Iranian leaders are snickering.

Liberals have a Utopian dream that peace in the world can be obtained if everyone would just put down their weapons. Thankfully, you have conservatives in Israel and U.S. who understand that in the real world their cannot be peace accept through strength.  Conservatives believe the only place where a Utopia can ever occur is in Heaven.