Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama's naive view of world leads to horrible Iran deal

It's official that the Obama administration, mainly Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama, has brokered a deal with Iran, the country whose leader has proclaimed "Death to America."  So why is this deal so great for Iran and so horrible for America?

First of all, per Fox News, here is what the deal entails:
  • Requires Iran to disable two-thirds of its centrifuges
  • Export/ Dilute 98% of enriched uranium
  • Submit to international inspections
  • U.S/ E.U., lift economic and financial sanctions
  • Access to $100 billion of frozen assets
  • Eventual lifting of arms and missile embargoes 
The idea is that this is a long term deal to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  Micheala Dodge of the Daily Caller says this will not work because the deal only imposes temporary restrictions on Iran's illegal nuclear program.  After they expire, Iran will have better resources to pursue more advanced nuclear technologies and potentially build a nuclear weapon faster than would be the case had sanctions remained in place." 

The Heritage Foundation claims this is a bad deal and will take us closer to nuclear war for these four reasons:

1.  The deal leaves Iran's nuclear infrastructure (most of which was obtained illegally by the way) largely intact.  We did not agree to inspections any day anywhere.  We ended up agreeing to inspections some times some places. We agreed to give up sanctions. Iran agreed to partially give up its uranium enrichment programs for research and development.  Its centrifuges and its ballistic missile program... will continue

2.  Sanctions relief could likely further destabilize the Middle East. Its' been estimated that $300-400 billion will now flow into the Iranian economy.  But that money isn't going to go into the pockets of the Iranian people, much of it will go into the pocket of the Iranian regime, and that means a lot of money can be funneled to groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Shea insurgents in places like Yemen. That will decrease our influence in the region but it will further increase that of Iran's.

3.  Iran's Arab neighbors in Turkey will now likely decide they need to begin uranium enrichment programs as well. That is only going to make a dangerous part of the world more unpredictable and more dangerous 

4.  This deal is temporary.  Eventually the freeze on uranium will go away, all the while Iran will end up doing its homework on how to eventually use that uranium to build a nuclear weapon. And that assumes that Iran waits. As we all know, Iran is a country that has broken its word before, and specifically when it's come to holding its bargain in nuclear agreements. 

5.  Iran was in no way required to reveal the previous nuclear dimensions of its nuclear program -- to come clear on its violations --  in order both to ensure effective inspections of all relevant facilities and to shatter the Iranian-dispelled myth that it has never breached its non-proliferation obligations.  This means that there is no way they can be forced to dismantle them. 

6.  The deal does not require them to shut down all uranium enrichment plants.  

7.  The deal does not require Iran to shut down its Arak heavy water reactor and plutonium production plant. Instead, it will convert it under a highly complex process. Even if it honors this pledge, its commitment to build new water enrichment plants expires in 15 years.  Yet only a naive fool will believe Iran will honor any pledge, as it has rarely done so in the past.  Yet Obama actually believes that within this time frame a president should be able to convince the Iranian regime against obtaining nukes.  Obama said this.  He is a fool.  Sorry to say that, but it's true.  

8.  After 15 years there are practically no Iranian limitations on anything.  So even if this deal works, even if Iran is honest and trustworthy, this basically throws the can down the road, so to speak.  In 15 years our kids may be forced to deal with a potentially deadly Iran, a nation that has already sworn to destroy America and Israel.  So it's easy to see why Israel is ticked about this deal, and very concerned about it. 

9.  Iran has not been required to shut down and dismantle the underground uranium enrichment facility it built secretly at Fordow

10.  Iran has not been required to halt missile development

11.  Iran has not been required to stop research projects that might help them determine how to develop a nuclear program faster

12.  The deal does not require the international community to work out a strategy to deal with Iran should they (or for when they do) violate the deal and try to develop nuclear weapons despite it. This pretty much assumes it's expected they will violate it.

I can also add one of my own.

13.  Inspectors were unable to stop North Korea from secretly building a bomb, and inspectors were unable to determine that Saddam Hussein never had them.  So how can we trust inspectors to stop Iran from getting them?

14.  Obama said inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran's nuclear facilities.  According to Western Journalism, Iran can object to inspectors access to any site which starts a 14 day countdown clock for arbitration.  Then an additional 7 days is added for the joint commission to come up with a solution, which then gives Iran another 3 days to comply. That's 24 days for Iran to move and hide anything they don't want inspectors to see.

15.  The deal does not free any of the American hostages still held in Iran.  In act, Kerry said this was not part of the deal because, if it were, the deal never would have gone through.  You'd think America, the Greatest Super Power in the world, would have the upper hand in these negotiations, making sure that these Americans all came home as part of any deal.

16.  The deal does not require them to condemn terrorist organizations nor require them to stop funding them.

17.  The deal does not require Iranian leaders to stop saying hateful things about Israel and the United States.  It does not require it to stop calling for the death and destruction of Israel and the United States.

Or as Mark Levin said, Obama has set the stage for WWIII.  He has made it possible for Iran to get nukes, for the Turkish to get nukes, for Saudia Arabia to get nukes...  Levin said that Obama justified his actions in a statement by saying that Kennedy and Reagan negotiated with the Soviets.  He said, "The fool doesn't even understand the point: they negotiated with the Soviets because they had nukes, not because they didn't! The Iranians don't have nukes today, but they will tomorrow!"

Think about this.  If it is true that Obama truly is a lover of the Muslim religion and a hater of Christianity and Jews as some say (and it is on record that he does not support Israel), then this is clearly his opportunity to give the the grandest supporter of terrorism in the world the upper hand.  If that thought alone is not scary, I don't know what is.

The bottom line is that this is a good deal for Iran and a bad deal for America and the rest of the world. This is what the Heritage Foundation says, but it's also what most of the people in the rest of the world with an ounce of commonsense think as well.  

So why did Obama agree to this deal?  To understand this you must first understand how liberals think.  You must understand that conservatives believe people are born flawed, and so society is made better by improving the individual. 

 Liberals, on the other hand, believe people are born essentially good and only become corrupt in order to deal with the circumstances they have been dealt by society.  In the case of Iran, they are corrupt because America is a materialistic bully that sucks up many of the world's economic resources at the expense of other nations.  

So they believe, and this is what Obama and John Kerry believe, that if America and its allies quick bullying Iran with sanctions, that this will improve economic circumstances for all Iranians and send them on a path back to peace.  They believe this is the way to a euphoria on earth where there are no wars and everyone gets along. 

The problem with this liberal view is that it is wrong and naive.  People are not born perfect, and a perfect world is not possible because, as conservatives believe, euphoria is only possible in heaven.  People are born flawed, and the only way make people better is by improving their morals.  

Considering the Iranians have a religion that calls for the destruction of people who do not join their religion, the only way for the Iranian society to improve, or to join America as an ally, is to find Christianity -- and that will not happen.  

The truth is that most of the people of Iran probably do want peace with the rest of the world, and this includes both the United States and Israel.  However, the truth is also that Iran's leaders are totalitarian dictator thugs who have no reason to stop supporting terrorists, and no reason to stop calling for the death and destruction of all people and nations who disagree with them.  

The Obama administration is naive to these simple truths, and it is for this reason this is a horrible deal for both America and all of the rest of the world.  The fact that Iran is out there celebrating is a tel-tale sign that they signed onto this deal with a proverbial finger crossing going on behind their backs.  Perhaps that's why we can still hear the snickering coming from Iran.  Iran is the clear winner here, and is not set to obtain the nuclear weapons it has always desired to become a superpower in its own right.  

There are many democrats who oppose this deal.  However, there is a fear that they will not reject the deal because they do not want to be responsible for wrecking the legacy of the first black president.  They hope this leads to Obama winning another Nobel Peace Prize.  Considering that members of the media are already claiming "this is historic!", "This is landmark!", and considering that Yasser Arrafat, a terrorist thug, once won the Nobel Peace prize, you can bet your dollars that's where this is heading (even though this deal is the antithesis of peace).

Some say this is similar to Munich in the 1930s.

So the deal is good for Iran and thug nations in the Middle East, and horrible for the rest of the world.  Still, the deal can only be stopped if a majority in Congress agree to stop it, and then for congress to override the president's veto.  Let us pray hard that they do come together as one to reject this deal.

Levin said none of this ever should have gone this far. He said the Constitution, Article II, Section II, Clause II, clearly states:  "(The President) shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur" So the Constitution says that two thirds of the Senate must concur with this deal.  

Levin said that rather than seek the approval of the Senate to ratify this deal that they never would have ratified in the first place, republicans let him just go out and do it.  And now they are forced to find the votes to override his veto.  Now Obama only needs one-third of the Senate to defend his veto.

So now, Levin said,  you are going to have republicans going on the media claiming they are going to do everything in their power to defeat this.  What they are not going to tell you is they allowed the democrats to create the scenario whereby the Senate is now rendered powerless to stop it.  This is the new precedent set by the Obama administration, and it's all the fault of republicans who allowed it to happen.

This also may have sealed Israel's fate.  Now, in the future, when faced with the decision of what to do when Iran is threatening to nuke Israel, Israel will have to decide whether or not to act.  And if it acts, it will be violating this treaty.  This will give the rest of the world the opportunity it has always sought to condemn Israel.

Look, Israel is a terrorist nation.  What that means is they don't follow the rules of war.  The supported radicals during the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers (National Review lists it at 1,000 military deaths since 9-11.  Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran has killed more Americans except for members of Al Qaeda.). So what makes people think they will now? 

This is horrible. It's horrible for those who believe the Constitution and the rule of law should be followed, and it's horrible for the future of this nation.

That said, this could be a great deal if Iran does everything it says it's going to do and the international world enforces it.  Do you think this will work?

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