Friday, April 24, 2015

Conservative -vs- Liberal: Which one is best?

The liberal said: "It's terrible that we live in a country where so many people have to live paycheck to paycheck."

The conservative said, "I see it turning around soon."

Liberal: "Really."  

Conservative: "Sure.  I believe in American Exceptionalism.  We are Americans.  We can make anything happen."

Liberal: "There are countries where new mothers get to take a year off after they have a baby.  There are countries where everyone has healthcare and is taken care of.  That's what we need here. I think we have too many greedy people"

Conservative:  "I agree."

Liberal: "You do?"  

Conservative: "That's why I think we should hire a conservative to be our next president to get government out of the way so that both businesses and individuals could prospers.  Then everyone who wanted one would have a job, and they could choose the healthcare program of their choice."

Liberal: "I think there are too many greedy people in this country, and that's why it doesn't work."

Conservative: "How do you define greed? 

Liberal: "People making more money than they deserve."

Conservative: "How do you define how much money they deserve?"

Liberal: "If people weren't so greedy we would have enough money so that everyone would have a job, and everyone would have healthcare, and everyone would have food on the table."

Conservative, "Isn't that what caused our current situation in the first place, thinking we could provide all this free stuff for people and solve all their problems?  It hasn't worked.  It has never worked.  It never will work.  Yet they keep trying, and they keep failing."  

The liberal looked at the conservative dumbfounded, got all mad, and trumped off.  I mean, the conservative didn't intend on getting his liberal friend upset. After all, they were just having a friendly discussion.

I keep rolling this discussion over and over in my mind.  Each time I watch it play out it causes the voices in my mind to go into a discussion of conservatism versus liberalism.  

What is conservatism? Conservatism is all about everybody's life getting better. Conservatism is all about everybody being respected. Conservatism is colorblind. Conservatism has nothing to do with identity politics. Conservatism is rooted in love of people and high expectations of everyone. Conservatism believes that everybody, if things are moved out of their way, can be much better, can accomplish more than they think they can. 

Conservatism believes people are smart, and when given the opportunity, when all obstacles are out of the way (regulations, taxes, what have you), people make the most of it, maybe even exceed theirs and our expectations.  Surely there might be a few choices that result in chaos, but that's just the nature of the world we live in.  That's what a justice system is for.

Conservatism doesn't divide people based color, creed, nationality, or sex.  Conservatism don't take someone else's money and spend it on things they don't want to spend money on.  Conservatives don't need to do this, because, under full fledged conservatism, people make plenty of money to buy whatever they need and want.  This was best proven in the 1920s under the Calvin Coolidge economic system.  

Conservatives believe in creating a strong national defense to keep people safe, and getting government out of the way to create a good economic environment that will allow every American -- regardless of nationality, color, sex, or creed -- to move up and make as much money as they are motivated to make.  

Conservatives believe there is plenty of money in this world whereby everyone who is motivated have have a piece of the pie.  And they believe the fact that some people in this country make more money than others assures other people of the greatness that can be achieved because of our Constitution.  The fact that some people are rich is an incentive; it creates a "I can do that too" attitude.

The left is the exact opposite. The left doesn't believe any of this about people. The left believes the worst of people. They believe people are stupid, and left to their own devices will make poor choices.  That's why they like to hire experts in Washington (preferably fellow liberals) who make decisions for people. That's why we end up with a one-size-fits-all healthcare system and educational systems that fail year after year regardless of how much money is thrown their way.  

And therefore they put themselves in this equation where they are needed to in order to help people even survive.  They lump people in groups, and instead of lifting everyone up like conservatives do, they cater to groups of people.  They put minorities, gays, and women before white Americans.  They put the poor before the middle class, and the middle class before the rich.  

And they hate the rich, and think they are greedy. That is what my friend meant when he said we have too many greedy people.  They believe there is only so much money to go around, and so they think it is "unfair" when one person makes more than another.  They think the money you spend on luxury items is money that could have put food on the table of the poor, or put Obama phones in the hands of the people who only have enough money to purchase cigarettes and $80 a month cable and phone service bills.  

So what happens when liberals get their "Utopian" world where everyone has a job, and everyone has healthcare, and everyone has an Obama phone, and everyone can take a year off every time a baby is born. If there are no rich people, that will mean that everyone will be poor.  Since everyone has healthcare, there will be no incentive to find anything better.  People will be having babies left and right, and no one will be motivated to do the work.

This has already been proven.  Liberalism has been tried and failed so many times in our history that I cannot even start to count.  Liberalism is the cowardly solution.  All you have to do to be a liberal is is to say you care for someone or something and come up with a solution that someone else pays for.  This often results in forcing people to do things they don't want to do, and just creates more chaos.  Then when their solution fails, they call the critics hate mongers, Nazis, idiots, and doom and gloomers.  

Conservatives believe people will thrive on their own if obstacles are cleared out of the way and they are motivated and inspired with high expectations. And it's all rooted in love of people.  They believe people are smart and will thrive under the ideal conditions that have been achieved only in this country.  It's called American exceptionalism; the American dream.

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