Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The crisis on the southern border

I am not an isolationist per se, although I do think it's time we close our borders for a while in order to regroup as a nation. I also think it's important that we close our borders until we decide what to do with all the illegal immigrants that have made their way into our country.

Keep in mind here that I am not hostile to immigration.  I am hostile to illegal immigration and the accommodation of illegal immigration.  I am hostile to the fact that we have given up assimilating immigrants to the American culture, the American way of life. We're losing our country here, slowly but surely.

I think the uncontrollable influx of immigration over the past several years is a severe crisis, mainly a crisis of the southern border.  Surely most of these people are good people trying to make a living for themselves and their families. Yet they have become a burden to our healthcare system, both literally and physically. The entovirus that has spread across this nation is thought to have come from the influx of American children entering our country.

They have also become an economic burden particularly to border states, who are forced by law to treat them in hospitals, and even to allow them a share of a welfare and social security system that they have in no way paid into.  To the states having to deal with the massive influx of illegal immigrants, this is a crisis indeed.

Then you have the issue of the twelfth amendment, which reads:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."
Some people interpret this to mean that if you are born in the U.S., even if you are born by an illegal immigrant who just crossed the border, you are automatically a citizen.  So, what do we do with these kids and their parents?

So you can see how complicated this issue becomes.

Polls show that I am not alone in my concern.  I am not alone in wanting to seal our borders.  I am also not alone in my belief that there are plenty of laws regarding immigration already on the books that should be enforced, and by enforcing those laws the immigration issue could easily be resolved.

Polls show that about 75 percent of Americans want the borders secured and immigration laws enforced. Polls show that 77 percent of Americans want the 60,000 unaccompanied children on the southern border who came into this country illegally sent back home.  Polls show that 68 percent disapprove of Obama's handling of the immigration issue in regards to these children, and in regards to the amnesty issue,

To be straight, polls show that George W. Bush was wrong in this regard as well, meaning neither of the last two presidents are on the same page with the American populace on this immigration issue. The people believe it to be a crisis, while Bush and Obama simply want to forgive these criminals of their crimes.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has said that over 203,000 illegal immigrants are now in Texas jails, responsible for 3,000 homicides and 8,000 sexual assaults.  These are not the types of immigrants we want in our country.  What we want here are people who are willing to assimilate, and have something to offer.

Estimates show that 250 children come across our borders every day, and, instead of being sent home, they are sent to unmarked homes in unmarked states.  They are sent to sanctuary cities, or cities that do not enforce immigration laws and provide shelter for illegal immigrants.

There area also those who believe the borders should be secured in order to control and prevent the spread of diseases like the Ebola virus and Entovirus 68.  In fact, about 75 percent of Americans are in favor of securing the border to West African nations infected with the Ebola virus.

Obama has continued to say that he would like to give illegal immigrants presently in this country amnesty, while many republican leaders seem to support him on this issue, possibly because they fear doing otherwise would cause a backlash by voters.  They also feel that, once given their freedom, illegal immigrants, once they earn citizenship, will reward those who voted to give them amnesty.  

Other republicans, however, believe the issue of amnesty is not a good idea, and that the laws should be enforced, the borders protected, illegal immigrants hunted down and sent home, and the borders protected to prevent the illegal crossing of our borders again.  Most Americans, apparently, support this vision.  

Are these kids coming here, or being sent here (because I have trouble with the thought of kids leaving home on their own), because "their parents" want to become U.S. citizens by strike of the Obama's pen?  If so, that's scary. 

Some are actually postulating that Obama is purposefully allowing these kids to come here, knowing that they are future democrats.  They believe if republicans send these illegal immigrants home they will be seen as bullies, and, therefore, amnesty is a win-win for democrats. 

Republicans are in favor of amnesty because they believe Spanish-Americans will start voting for them if they are seen as responsible for amnesty.  Yet most evidence shows that Spanish-Americans, while fiscally conservative, generally vote democrat.

Some people say we have always been a nation of open borders, so we must continue to keep our borders open.  Yet this is not true.  Between 1924 and 1965 we shut down immigration. We closed the borders so that those who had arrived could assimilate and become American, which they wanted to do, by the way. 

They learned English. They became accustomed to American holidays. They wanted to become Americans.

So it's not unprecedented to take a break and regroup on immigration, especially during times of war or in times of crisis.  But instead of making efforts to lock our borders and enforce laws, Obama is now threatening to create amnesty with his executive pen.  Republicans seem to have no interest in stopping him.

The bottom line is that three quarters of Americans want the borders secured and the laws enforced, yet the people with the power to make this happen seem more concerned with their own political ambitions.

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