Friday, October 3, 2014

Liberalism is advanced one crisis at a time

Sometimes I wonder if the media, which by the way polls show votes by a 8-1 margin for democrats and liberals, simply creates stories to scare people.  They do this, I imagine, because fear sells.  It sells news, and it sells liberalism.

Well, if you think I'm nuts on this, allow me to give you a few examples.  Consider the war on poverty. Do you think it's called a "war" by coincidence.  Poverty in the U.S. was not any worse during the 1960s than it ever has been, but they trumped it up as a crisis for political gain.  Why? Because where there is a crisis there is a solution.  Where there is a solution, there is political gain to be made.

So democrats raised taxes to wage their war on poverty. They used this "crisis" as an excuse to get their agenda passed. Yet, as with most liberal policies, they create little train wrecks that cannot be fixed; they make things worse.  If you count the number of people in poverty after 50 years of the liberal war on poverty, there are more people in poverty today than when the so called war began.

Climate change is another crisis the democrats trumped up in order to sell their liberal agenda.  The media reports stories on a daily basis that try to blame every disaster on climate change.  The recent strain of Ebola in Africa is a perfect example.

You now have people trumping up fear that this disease will quickly spread across the United States, when there is no evidence that this will ever happen.  Yet they are now also blaming this spread, which hasn't happened, on man-made climate change.  Consider this article: "California Governor Jerry Brown: Climate Change Will Drive Millions of People North Over the Border."

Hurricane season is now upon us, and we are often taken to reporters sitting on the beach along the Atlantic coast with video feed of calm waters.  They are sitting their with their cameras so they can be the first to report the damage from a hurricane that hasn't even come into existence yet.

Or how about this trumped up headline: "Climate Change May Increase the Number of Hawaiian Hurricanes."  People buy into this, even though there is record cold weather all over the world. The winter of 2014 was perhaps the coldest since 1978, and the summer of 2014 also being one of the coolest ever.

Every time there is a heat wave in January democrats, the media, blame it on climate change. Of course, every time there is a cold front they blame that on climate change also.  Folks, there is no such thing as man-made climate change. Take care of the planet because it's the right thing to do, but don't do it out of fear. Fear results results in panic, and panic results in irrational decision making.  A perfect example of such an irrational result is regulations and tax hikes that destroy economies at the expense of some stupid pumped up myth that humans are destroying the planet.

School shootings are another perfect example.  It's a tragedy every time one occurs.  Yet it's not any worse today than it ever has.  The only reason it seems worse is because the media is reporting on every one, and even salivating when they occur.  They use these tragedies to advance their agenda, because every disaster needs a liberal solution.  Of course the solution in this case is anti-gun laws.

Or how about the reporting of every death in Iraq during the Iraq War.  They saw the war as republican politics, and they saw the U.S. as the bad guys in that war.  So every time a soldier died they had to remind us of this in order to make George Bush look like a terrible president and the War America's fault.  Yet what they don't say is that over 40,000 people died just preparing for D-Day.  I'm not trying to downplay military deaths, I'm just saying that the democrats trump of any crisis for political gain.

Just think of the words of Rham Emanuel as he said, "Every crises needs a solution."  What he really means is a liberal solution, as the only way to advance the liberal agenda is by one crisis at a time.

Don't agree. Well, consider the Great Depression.  Here we had more than half the nation unemployed, and so FDR took advantage of this real crisis to increase the scope of government.  Take the Great recession too, as Obama took advantage of it to increase, once again, the scope of government.