Sunday, October 5, 2014

Is baseball more humbling than life?

"Nothing is more humbling than the sport of baseball?"  If I could count how many times I've heard that over the years I'd be rich by now.  But is this to imply that baseball is more humbling than life itself?

Has modern civilization made life so glorious and material that we have lost the ability to become humble unless we play a game of baseball?

I don't see how that could possibly be.  Surely if you watch a TV show like the Brady Bunch, or if you spend your entire day rapt in an Internet fantasy world (something more and more of us seem to be doing), you could easily escape reality.

But in the real world, if we choose to pay attention to it, humbling events happen nearly every day.  Look at all this Ebola stuff that's been in the news the past few months.  If you get this virus you have a 50-75% chance of dying. Humbling?

Look at the events transpiring in the Middle East, as another example.  Here we have people over there who are being forced to either convert to another religion or die. These crazy, primitive people want to force YOU and ME to be Muslims too.  I have no problem with Muslim people living their own lives, but I certainly don't want them to force me to stop my Christian way of life.  The threat this could happen should be enough to humble any Christian.

Look at all the married people who try to make it through a day without getting into a fight with their spouses.  As soon as men and women take the plunge, and especially once they make the unselfish move to have children, it does not take long for them to realize that if they do not learn humility their family will not stay together.

So, I ask, is baseball more humbling than life itself?  I don't doubt that baseball is humbling.  However, I think a better thing to say would be: "Nothing is more humbling than life itself."