Thursday, October 30, 2014

So what to do about all the illegal immigrant kids?

About 250 unaccompanied immigrant children are coming across our southern border every day. Why are they coming here and what can we do.

They are kids, so it's not like we can just send them home. Any one who even mentions doing that would be considered heartless and inconsiderate.  But Lord knows that doesn't happen in America.

Who are they?  Most of these kids are not from Mexico, but from El Salvador, Guatamala, and Nicaragua.  They are crossing the southern border into Arizona and Texas.

Once they get here they are transferred to Borer Patrol facilities, who then try to find placement for them.  Based on immigration and asylum laws, many of these kids could be held up so long here that they could be granted the right to stay here.

Lord known kids don't leave home without a parent or guardian pushing them across.  Parents know that Obama and Congress have considered a dream act, whereby the parents and family members of kids who are in the U.S., whether citizens other not, may also be set on a path to citizenship.

I think that even our president, Barack Obama, knows this. A part of me believes that he champions amnesty and the dream act implicitly so people will come here, and kids will come here, because some day they will become democrats.  And, worse, I think Obama knows that if republicans cry out to send these children home, there will be a public outcry against them -- republicans that is.

In this way, I think Obama is using the kids against republicans.

Breitbart Texas reported that these kids get immediate assistance, including classroom education, healthcare, socialization, recreation, vocational training, mental health services, and family reunification.  Many of these kids, most of them, will be put into the foster care system.  They also get a pro-bono attorney. All of this costs a ton of money.

Well, the attorney usually doesn't cost money, because usually they are volunteers. But the rest costs a ton of money. Bottom line is, they are treated like U.S. citizens without a home.  As good Christians and virtuous Americans this seems like the only right thing to do.

The kids are then reunified with their parents.  Those who say they should leave are considered inconsiderate.

Is it possible this set up was an intended consequence of Obama's immigration policies? Some say that it was, or is.  They say that nothing like this has ever happened before under any other president, and the borders have almost always been open.

Some say that 90% of these kids and their families will be eligible for amnesty, and will some day become democrats.  Coincidence?

Ironically, many republicans are making no efforts to stop Obama.  In fact, even George W. Bush and Mitt Romney had their own amnesty plans.  Even while most Mexican Americans vote democrat, some say it was the hope of Bush and Romney that if they were to sign an amnesty law they would change their vote.  So, if this is true, Bush's amnesty attempt, much like Obama's attempt, was all about politics (which was uncharictaristic for Bush).

The only people standing in the way of this all happening, the amnesty thing, are tea party conservatives, libertarians, and a few democrats.  They are the only ones willing to stand up and defend what 77% of Americans want: no amnesty.

Bottom line: there needs to be something done to force Mexico and Central American countries to tell their people to cross the U.S. border legally or not at all. Until that time comes, the crisis will not come to an end.